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Updated January 26, 2017

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I can custom make pretty much anything you want!!!
Certain Offenses!!!   4-2, 5-1,  6-2?
High School! Big blockers!  Running plays!!  HiLight tapes!!!
Skills Tapes!!!   MB's, Setters & OHs
College!!  The big-time schools?  The small D3 schools?
  Which year?

Or do you want something specific? 
I imagine I can find what you're looking for. 

  Here is a list of pre-made DVD's.
And they're all ready to ship!!
VIDEO #1:  Skills tape of an OH who is now playing D1 vball and one of my team's hi-light tapes......slides, quicks, pancakes, the big hits, etc.
VIDEO #2:   Video of recent high school matches from Virginia....full of D1 players
 VIDEO #3:   US National Team video from the Olympics
VIDEO #4:  2005 NCAA Final Four volleyball.


 2006 NCAA Final Four volleyball.


Ordering is really easy!

Touch here and choose the total quantity of DVD's you want.
 Then email me at and tell me which tapes you want.

DVD's are $15 each
(S&H free)


  Coaching Clinics!

I will come to your school and
will work with any number of coaches!
If you want more info, please contact me at  Here is a sample: 

The following topics can be covered

* Winning isn't the big deal.  Teaching, doing the right thing, being a role model, having positive character traits IS the big deal.  Then, you'll win more than you thought possible.
* Always, always, always be prepared for practice. 
* Have high (yet reasonable) expectations for your players.
* Run useful drills that correct their issues, or focus in on what successful teams do (serve receive, relentless defense, serving, setting).  DO NOT do the same drills night after night. 
* Don't expect your girls to become a team.  You must help them bond.
* Don't expect parents to be "good".  Tell them what you expect.  And then there are consequences for not doing that. 
* Plan so far ahead, you'll have parents drooling!  My team website is here.  Everything that's going on is on it. 

We can also go through the various opinions regarding:

* starting lineups
* rotation vs. perimeter defense
* playing time
* 5-1? 6-2?  When? Why?  How? 
* Assistant coaches

If you wish, we can also demonstrate proper fundamentals in all skills:

Jump serving, serve receiving, jump setting, quick offense, etc.  
You name it, my staff and I can do it. 


Private Lessons!

To see my private player training schedule, please visit me here!

Training Your Players At Your School
In the past few years, my staff has been to:
Floyd Co High,
Fort Chiswell High,
Franklin County High,
Roanoke Catholic School,
Lord Botetourt High, Radford High School,
William Byrd High, Liberty High School, and on and one.

We can work with groups of players and/or direct open gyms. 

In 2012, we spent 17 total days with the William Byrd Middle, JV and varsity teams.
In 2013 and 2014, I visited Liberty High School once a week all season.
In 2015, my staff and I gave serving clinics at Hidden Valley Middle. 

If a coach would like to reserve 4 or 5 or 8 or 10 hours
for me to work with your players in your own gym, then let's do it! 

The "I Can't Wait" Drill Collection
This has it's own page!
Touch here!

The "I Can't Wait" Ebooks

This has it's own page also!
Two ebooks, both over 150 pages long!
Info is here!

A Motivational Speaker!

Just tell me the crowd I'm speaking to and
what you want me to concentrate on!
I'll have rough draft to you in a few days.


I may not be able to personally watch the team that you're concerned about.
However, if you will send me all the video you can find of the team,
I'll have a scouting report done for you asap!

Some coaches enjoy having their own team scouted!!
They want to have an objective opinion about their personnel, how to improve their team play, etc.   Just tell me what you need!

To see a example scouting report, go to the bottom of the page.


January 26, 2017

"Thank you for teaching me to work, teach and coach with enthusiasm and passion every day!"


February 27, 2014
"I will save your email in my file. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you. You need to do teacher motivational speaking. You are awesome. What you say is what administrators need to say. Thanks, again. You need to write a motivational book!!!"
Jim Barber, head volleyball coach, Westover Christian School

September 24, 2013
"We miss you so much, you have the best attitude and you taught my girl more in one session than any coach in Thank you for teaching me to work, teach and coach with enthusiasm and passion every day. one season! And you can quote me on that!!!!"
Heather Alvarez, mother of Elizabeth, Glenvar c/o '17

January 28, 2013
"When Morgan's confidence and self-esteem needs a boost, that's where Dr. Houser comes in with our therapy lessons! :) I don't know what we'd do without you! And Brittney left her first lesson with you feeling like she could conquer the world! They were in the best of moods! Your girls and NRV are so lucky to have a coach like you and I are thankful to be able to work with you when we can. "
Kathy Starnes, mother of Morgan, CS c/o '17

February 19, 2012

"I got the DVDs … thanks. Enjoying all of them ........... love watching the formations, the great saves, kills and rallies, etc."
Richard Villareal,
San Mateo, CA


February 27, 2011
Wow, thanks so much for you well-thought out comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions. Thanks again, much appreciated and your kids are lucky to have you. 
Maria in San Diego

October 2, 2008
Well, if I didn't know before, I know now why you have a paid service offering scouting. You were 125% on the money regarding [our opponent] last night.  They beat us just how you said they would.

January 4, 2011

The serve receive formations you sent me were exactly what I needed! You have answered all of my questions! I really cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help…. I am on your website now. 

October 5, 2009
I have used some of your ideas you sent me to modify some drills and get us into pressure situations and I think they are paying off. Not only are the girls enjoying the situations but last night we beat the 4th ranked team in the state in our division at their place. It was pretty exciting with the final game score being 17-15. Thanks for your help sir, it's nice to have resources like you. I hope this helps my girls realize they can take that next step in their game.


April 2, 2006
Can't wait to get a look at the tapes.  The drills are great too. I've used a couple already and the girls really had fun with them. Thanks for your dedication to the sport.



To get more info, please
email me at


Example Scouting Report.  November 1st, 2015

Central runs a 5-1.  The setter isn't a good dumper or hitter.

They aren't dangerous in the middle, but will get a few kills with tips and throws.  Central's MB last night was completely overmatched by Western's MB and she should be overmatched by yours also.

Their #14 on the outside (low elbow) hits hard.  I'd cheat over toward her.  I think she's Central's most dangerous hitter.

Their two little DS's passed and dug GREAT last night, and their other passers were good too.  I was keeping some stats using the 3,2,1,0 method.  #8 passed 2.11 (11 serve receives) and #6 passed 1.89 (19 receptions).   Good news:  #11, their third passer, passed 1.38 (15 receptions), was aced 4 times and was trying to give every pass up to #8 and #6. 

Their 3-person serve receive is 2 up and 1 deep.  They could not pass the serves that were hit into the deep corners.  So if you have some girls who can serve deep 1 or 5, that may get you a few more bad passes.  If I were coaching your team, I'd just serve floaters down the middle and in the deep corners and say, "Bring it on." 

Whoever beats Central has to beat them at the net with height & spiking.  I don't think there are many teams who can beat them by shear ball control.

One of their 5' DS's plays all the way around.  Her base is on the right, but she doesn't block, but just shuffles off to dig.   Your OH's will have a nice time hitting the line vs. one blocker when she's in the front row.

Their defense is typical 3 blockers up (even though 5' comes off as soon as the other team passes the ball), and back row has 2 short and 1 deep.  Last night Central had a number of issues regarding who takes the seem ball............on tips and (amazingly) even on frees.  So, some tips and dumps may fall b/c of their confusion.  And the coaches just fuss at them..........not reminding them or helping them with which ball is whose.  I was surprised that the coaches fuss so much and show so many negative emotions.  If you can a lead, keep pushing........b/c the Central's coaches' fussing may be your ally!!

I bet they served 95% in the court......or higher.  I remember only 1 bad serve in the three games, so there won't be easy points that way.   But they had no way to stop Western's MB.   I was surprised that Central, even with months of preparation, wasn't doubling or even tripling the middle. Central's 2nd MB is only about 5'8", so she had no chance one-on-one.  Their 1st MB got three blocks, but is was b/c the Western set was too low and Western's beast just hit the ball into 1st MB's arms. 

Central likes to serve short and they like floaters.    #9 and #5 especially like to serve short, and they didn't miss a single one, so be ready.  The other girls will try it, but aren't very good at it. 



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