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My great concern is not whether you have failed to meet your goals,
but whether you are content with that failure.           Abraham Lincoln


dvanced Proficiencies on the 2008 Algebra I SOL!!!

Frank Arnold,
Jocelyn Denno,

Dierra Basham,

Zach Adler,

Lydia Johnson,

Karen Massey
Jennifer Parker,
Ellery Pippin,
Chris Furrow,
Justin Sheehan,
Ben Pendergraft

NEW YORK   Danica Keller has a message for girls: Cute and smart is better than cute and dumb.

McKellar, who played Winnie on the 1990s TV show "The Wonder Years," is coming out with a book, "Math Doesn't Suck," to encourage girls to get into math.

Danica says, "When girls see the antics of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, they think that having fun being attractive also means being dumb and irresponsible," the 32-year-old McKellar.

"But I want to show them that being smart is cool," she said. "Being good at math is cool. And not only that, it can help them get what they want out of life."

McKellar should know. The actress once struggled with the subject around the seventh grade, but a teacher helped her through. McKellar eventually majored in math in college.

The book includes tips to avoid mistakes on homework, ways to overcome test-day anxiety and profiles of three beautiful mathematicians.

CONGRATS Top 20 Not Normal Students for 2nd Quarter!!!!
While most students' grades drop during 2nd quarter, these students' grades ROSE!!!
#1:  Christy Lakore Bryant
#2: Chris Furrow
#3:  Dustin Wilson
#4:  Geary Cunninghami
#5:  Stephen Wright
#6:  Tricia Donner & Jennifer Parker
#8:  Justin Sheehan
#9:  Heather Fagg
#10:  Tonisha Brown
#11:  Tyler Orange
#12: Jocelyn Denno
#13:  Courtney Sensabaugh
#14:  Zack Adler
#15:  Justin Goodwin
#16:  Jay Bailey
#17:  Tiffany Yates
#18:  Rufus Proffit
#19:  Kathryn Bemis


CONGRATS Top 20 Not Normal Students for 3rd Quarter!!!!
While most students' grades drop during 3rd quarter, these students' grades ROSE!!!
#1:  Kelcie Overstreet
#2: Rosie Osborne
#3: Geary Cunningham
#4: April Owens &
Zach Wood 
#6: Kathryn Bemis 
#7: Alex Graham 
#8: Lenae King 
#9: Jenna Martin 
#10: Jonathan Blankenship 
#11: Jacob Webster
#12: Justin Sheehan 
#13: Nick Pugh 
#14: Matt Anderson
#15: Jay Bailey
#16: Tyler Wright 
#17: Courtney Sensabaugh
#18: Brad Brown 
#19: Zach Adler 
#20:  Rufus Proffitt





June 2008 Exam Day Pictures!
You can see them all here!
Want to know what's happening next year?  The 2008-2009 calendar is here!


#1:  Karen Massey
#2:  Lyndsay Greene
#3:  Zack Adler
#4:  Ben Pendergraft
#5:  Jocelyn Denno
#6:  Megan Hall
#7:  Haylee Stump
#8:  Katie Bradfield
#9:  Deairra Basham
#10:  Kayla Werle
#11:  Meghan Baker
#12:  Ellery Pippin
#13:  Jennifer Parker
#14:  Justin Sheehan
#15:  Rodney Kasey
#16:  Frank Arnold
#17:  Tonisha Brown
#18:  Stephen Wright
#19:  Brad Brown
#20:  Savannah Fuciarelli


CONGRATS Top 20 Grades In My Classes Fourth Quarter!!!!

#1:  Karen Massey
#2:  Zack Adler
#3:  Lyndsay Greene
#4:  Katie Bradfield
  Justin Sheehan
#6:  Ben Pendergraft
#7:  Jocelyn Denno
#8:  Jennifer Parker
#9:  Ellery Pippin
#10:  Chris McCabe
#11:  Haylee Stump
#12:  Megan Hall
#13:  Meghan Baker
#14:  Rodney Kasey
#15:  Kayla Werle
#16:  Kelcie Overstreet
#17:  Tonisha Brown
#18:  Rosie Osborne
#19:  Lydia Johnson
#20:  Stephen Wright
CONGRATS Top 20 Grades In My Classes Second Quarter!!!!

#1:  Karen Massey
#2:  Jocelyn Denno
#3:  Stephen Wright
#4:  Zack Adler
#5:  Megan Hall
#6:  Ben Pendergraft
#7:  Lyndsay Grenne
#8:  Haylee Stump
#9:  Katie Bradfield
#10:  Kayla Werle
#11:  Jennifer Parker
#12:  Justin Sheehan
#13:  Meghan Baker
#14:  Tonisha Brown
#15:  Tricia Donner
#16:  Lydia Johnson
#17:  David Persinger
#18:  Alyssa Nickerson
#19:  Rodney Kasey

CONGRATS Top 20 Grades In My Classes Third Quarter!!!!

#1:  Karen Massey
#2: Zach Adler 
#3: Justin Sheehan 
#4: Jocelyn Denno 
#5: Ben Pendergraft 
#6: Lyndsay Greene 
#7: Megan Hall 
#8: Haylee Stump 
#9: Megan Baker 
#10: Deairra Basham 
#11: Kayla Werle 
#12: Kelcie Overstreet 
#13: Stephen Wright 
#14:   Katie Bradfield
#15: Tonisha Brown 
#16: Ellery Pippin 
#17: David Persinger 
#18: Brad Brown 
#19: Geary Cunningham
#20: Jonathan Rigney


Announcement #1:
* 91.1% pass rate!!!  MY BEST EVER!!
* The only 11 Advanced Proficiencies at SRHS have been my students!

Announcement #2:
Mr. Houser's formula
for making life easier:

a) stay in school until you have some way of making a living
b) THEN get a job & save $
c) THEN get married
d) THEN have babies

When you do these things out of order, life is so so much harder!  And how do you think rich people got rich and stay rich?  They and their parents followed the formula above! 

Mr. Houser:
hank you for everything you have done for [my daughter] this year! You helped her understand and enjoy Math this year and have truly made a HUGE difference in her life. YOUR PATIENCE AND YOUR ABILITY TO CONNECT WITH THE STUDENTS ARE JUST A COUPLE OF THE REASONS SHE HAS DONE SO WELL IN MATH THIS YEAR.....THANK YOU!

What Do You Want To Do In 07-08?

If you want try and retry until you learn how to do your math, work in groups so that you understand, be in a class where no one disrupts you or is obnoxious, if you want to be in charge of your grade, if you want to be a part of a team and not get in any trouble.......then I'd love for you to be in my class!!  You're going to have a lot of fun this coming school year!!!!!

But if you're looking for an easy time, a passing grade by doing very little, if you want to sleep, if you like to put your own entertainment ahead of your classmates' grades, if hard work is something that you cannot tolerate, if you're expecting the teacher to pass you if you get close ........then you're not going to have much fun at all.


How Students Will Be Graded for 07-08

Homework: Homework will be assigned every day. I'm saying, students will have HW due every day. There will be very little time to do any work in class. When it is completed, I will mark it "on time," or "one day late," or "two days late," etc. However, students get 5 points EC for each school day HW is done early. HW will be gone over in class. I will work any problems that students have questions on. All the HW that a student does will be turned in on test day as a package. HW counts as 10% of a student's 9-weeks grade.

Quizzes: Students will have a quiz on all non-test days (except for 3rd period, which will have quiz every other day). Quizzes will cover the HW that we just went over in class. I will grade quizzes and return them to the students THE NEXT DAY, guaranteed! If a student is unhappy with a quiz grade, he may take it over as many times as he wishes.........and the final grade will be the average of the best two! There is a one week deadline to take quizzes over, so students can't procrastinate.

Tests: Students will have a test approximately every 2 weeks. Therefore, students willl probably have four tests every 9-weeks. Tests are long and hard! They will take about an hour or more. But, if a student is unhappy with a test grade, the same rules apply as with a quiz........he/she may take it over and the final test grade will be the average of the two.

Touch here to read the notes that the students wrote on the last day of school in June of 2006!
Touch here to see the pics of my classes on exam day in June of 2007!
And touch here to see the pics of the classes on exam day in June of 2006! 


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