Junior Hi Neighbor, March 31 - April 1, 2007
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The more of ourselves that we sacrifice for our team, the more glory our team will give back to us.
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Tournament Websites:  Monument / Capitol Hill / Shamrock / Big South / HiNeighbor / Complete Tournament List

Team Tournament Info:
  ACTS Richmond / Monument / Capitol Hill / UVa March 4 / Shamrock / HiNeighbor / Big South


Roanoke Juniors Girls Can Dance!!

Some Team Pics!!!

More pics are on the way...........team warming up, team action pics vs. the Hickory Hammers, etc. 


Here Are Our Results!!!   GREAT JOB!!!

Saturday 8am Pool
We defeated Shenandoah Valley 15-1:  25-10, 25-8
We defeated Players Edge:  25-16, 25-12 
We defeated ECJVC 15 Gold:  25-13, 25-11 and won Blizzards!

Saturday 4pm Pool

We defeated Smokey Mt. Jrs 15-1:  25-20, 25-16
We defeated  NAVC 15-1 Blaze:  25-18, 25-15.

The Pool Continued Sunday Morning 8am
We defeated Hickory Hammers: 21-25, 25-22, 15-13 (after being behind 2-10 on the bad court with no lights!!)

Open Gold Playoffs
We defeated Biltmore 15's:  22-25, 25-18, 17-15.
We defeated Ninjas:  25-20, 25-23.   Great serving to location!!
We lost to WNC Warriors:  16-25, 24-26. 

We finished 2nd of the 32 teams!!
Our record for the weekend:  16-4
Our record for the season:  68-21......the highest winning % in all of Roanoke Juniors!!!

The Websites That I Found That Were Useful:

For more info, the Hi Neighbor tournament website was here.
The hotel website was here......but the address on the hotel website didn't seem to exist.......huh?.
For more info, look in the hotel box below. 
The Biltmore Volleyball Club sponsors Hi Neighbor.  Their home page was here!


Our  first pool was at TC Roberson High School

The school website was here
The school address was:  250 Overlook Road, Asheville, 28803.
Yahoo directions from our team hotel to TC Roberson High were here.  Mapquest directions were here.....but you'll have to fill in the high school's address.......for some reason.



The format was 4 team pools on Saturday morning, feeding into 4 team pools on Saturday afternoon / Sunday morning, for placement into Open & Club divisions on Sunday afternoon with gold and silver brackets in each division. Awards were given for 1st place in each bracket.

We started play at 8am both mornings.



Crowne Plaza Resort Asheville
(former the Holiday Inn Sunspree)
One Holiday Drive
Asheville, NC 28806
(828) 254-3211 Telephone
(800) 733-3211 Toll Free Reservations

The hotel website was here.

The directions from Roanoke (via 81-26) were:
Travel south on I-26 East to I-240 West. Stay in the right lane as you cross the French Broad River Bridge and take Exit 3B - Westgate and Resort Drive (former Holiday Inn Drive). Pass the Westgate Shopping Center on your right. After passing Mr. Transmission, you will see the entrance sign. Turn right onto Resort Drive and proceed to the main entrance.


Check in For Teams:

 Team check-in was 6pm to 10pm on one of the tournament webpages, then 7pm to 10pm on another webpage.   But at least we were staying at the host hotel!  So that was good. 


Teams That Were In The Tournament:

1. Biltmore 15
2. Georgia Jrs. 15-2
3. NETVC 15-2 Red
4. NETVC 15-1 Blue
5. AAVC 15
6. Georgia Jrs. 15-1
7. ECJVC 15 Gold
8. Roanoke 15 Open
9. ISJVC 15
10. UVC Ninjas 15
11. UVC Force 15
12. Shenandoah Valley Jrs. 15-1
13. Spikers II 15
14. SMJVC 15-1
15. TermiNetters 15
16. CCVC 15-3 Pops
17. CCVC 15-2 Lady Bombers
18. KVC 15
19. Carolina Storm 15
20. Players Edge 15
21. NC Dominators 15 Bratz
22. AVC Torpedoes 15
23. ABC - 15
24. CJV 15 Hot Tamales
25. NAVC 15-1 Blaze
26. Spirit 15
27. WNC 15 Warriors
28. WNC 15 Kingdom Seekers
29. Dayton Juniors 15 White
30. Hickory Hammers 15 Blue
31. Hickory Hammers 15 White
32. Ohana Kakou 15



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