Mr. Houser's
2009 End Of Class Notes!

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Site updated:  01/24/2010 02:52 PM

End of the Year Notes to Mr. Houser

This has been hands-down the most fun I've ever had in school.

Thank you for making this year one of the best.  I've never had this much fun in math or school until this year.  Thank you!

I love your class.  You were the best teacher all year.  I'm going to miss you.  I'm so glad that I got switched into your class.  Thanks for everything.

Wow, the things you do are so funny.  I enjoyed you this year.  I wish you could teach me everything for the rest of my life.  I won't forget you!@  I didn't like math at all until this year.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Thanks for everything.

I loved your class.  I learned that we have to be a team first, individuals second.

You're amazing!  The class was great!  You're awesome.  :) 

This year has been great.  I really am going to miss you over the summer, but WILL be back to visit next year and to show all the kids your favorite student.  Just kidding.  But thanks for always being here for me to help me with anything. 

I've never done this well in math before.  I'm going to miss this class next year.

You have been on eof hte best teachers that I have ever had.  It meant a lot to me when you told me that you were proud of me.  Thank you for being a not normal teacher this year.

Thanks for being so understanding.  Thanks for a good last year.

You are free to go home, if you wish.  Bye!

You were my favorite teacher this year.  You taught me a lot this year, especially responsibility.  I love you for that.

I didn't like the class at the beginning of the year, but later on in the year I really liked it.  You are the reason I now like math, Mr. Houser.

I've learned more in your class than any other class in my life.  You da bomb.

You're a very cool teacher and you're way different from my other teachers.

I'm getting the Distance Dude tattooed and I'll come back and show you.

You are the most bestest teacher in the world.  Seriously.  For the first time in the history of my math life, I got A's and B's.  I understand everything you said.  You're the best teacher ever.  You should let me be your T.A., but if not, I'll still come visit you all the time.  :) 

I learned to "Be a good kid"  LOL.  You made this class so easy.  You're a great teacher.

You are the coolest teacher.  You helped me a lot and helped me learn a lot of new things.

This class has been so fun.  You make learning so fun also.  I have really enjoyed being in here.  Thank you for everything.

Thank you for making math so exciting and easy!

It was good chilling up in your class this year, you really made me realize a couple of thing.  Thanks for everything you did for me this year.  I learned that it can't always be about me, and you have to have a positive attitude about everything.

I learned to work as a team.  I think you're a great teacher and should keep up the good work.

You're a funny teacher and I'll miss your enthusiasm.  You taught us how to be a "team".

Yo man.  I thought the class was awesome.  I am gonna miss you next year.  You are awesome and you need to teach geometry so I can have you again!

I like the way you teach.  You rock, you are cool, you are fun to be around,  you are nice & funny.

Dude, you are kool!  You taught me a lot.  Ur a kool teacher.  Keep teaching.

I learned that teenagers shouldn't have kids.  And it's the first class I haven't gotten written up in!  You're krazy!

You remind me of the squirrel on SpongeBob.  I learned how to respect my classmates and the teacher.

I had a fun year with you.  I love you.
I learned that I could anything I put my mind to.  I learned teamwork.  You are the best teacher & I liked the way you teach.  I'm gonna come & visit.

I learned how to be a member of a team.  I love you.  You are the best teacher every.

Mr. Houser, you're a great teacher and I wish you weren't retiring soon. 

You're a very motivating teacher and I'm glad I had your class.


If you need information that you can't find on these pages, please email me or you can IM me at "its2005"


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