Mr. Houser's
2010 End Of Class Notes!

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My great concern is not whether you have failed to meet your goals,
but whether you are content with that failure.
Abraham Lincoln

Site updated:  06/19/2010 01:50 PM

End of the Year Notes to Mr. Houser

You're a great teacher!  I used to not do good in math, but this I think I have done an amazing job! 

Thank you Mr. Houser.  You have showed and taught more than I could have thank you for.  I especially learned respect and not to give up.

Mr. Houser, I love the way you teach things and thanks for being an awesome teacher.

Thanks for helping me pass the SOL, math is my WORST subject.  Never would have imagined. 

Thanks for helping me learn Algebra! Your best story was finding the 44 pennies while riding your bicycle.

Your class was really fun.  I liked everything.  You're a really cool teacher.

I liked the story about your dad. 
You're very intelligent and you inspired a lot of different things in my life.  You help me a lot and your a great teacher.  I appreciate everything you've done.  Thank you.
You are the best teacher that I ever had.  You have really helped me this year.   Mr. Houser is the best!  "It's not about you, it's about the team."
I didn't pass, but I had fun!
Mr. Houser, I really enjoyed your class.  It was really fun to be in.
I like how you tried to put us in a good mood.  U are the best, Mr. Houser
Please give us more pack up time, and more variety of sodas.
I enjoyed having you as a teacher.  Slow down on the parkway!  I learned that if you work hard, you will get rewarded in the end. 
Please don't leave next year!!  You are just too hilarious and awesome to leave!  Consider becoming a comedian!!  (Join my conquest for world domination!) 
You're a great teacher!  I didn't like how you sent people out for small things. 
My favorite story was about the Endless Fries at Ruby Tuesdays.  Thanks for being an awesome teacher. 
Have a great time this summer and don't retire!  I really liked all of your class.  There was no part that I didn't like. 
The best story was the one about the biker on the parkway with diabetes.  Thank you for making such an amazing class! 

I really liked your sense of humor.  The best story was about your wife going on vacation! 
Hope you have a great summer & try not to miss us too much. 

The best part of class when how you pushed us to work hard.   The worst part was not being able to sleep.
You're awesome.  Stay that way. 

The best part of class was the joy you put in class! Awesome teacher! 

My note to Mr. Houser would be:  "Keep fighting" and "Look out for the team!"

I learned that Michael Jackson's "ABC" is mathematical.  I enjoyed this year in your class.  I loved it.  I wanna thank you for everything.  You have made this class 1 of the best.  I'll see you next year.  Thanks for being amazing.  I love it!

You my fave!  I liked everything x 2, guess cause I took the class twice. 

I learned respect.  I learned team comes first. 

I liked how we married numbers, and how you explained everything over and over.  Love ya dude.  Hope to see ya next year.  Wish I could have you again. 

I learned how to be a good person and work harder.  You are the coolest teacher I know and u taught me a lot. 

Other than math, I learned about character.  I like the way I was taught and discussions we had.  Thanks for always being true to us and letting us know how life is and teaching me math and making me better. 

Ur a caffeinaholic.   Have a good summer.  Mr. Houser gave me this paper back bc I didn't write enough.  So here's more.  LOL. 

I learned about morals and life.  Thanks for everything you have done.  have a great summer.  God bless you. 

I loved the banana peel story, and how the park ranger made you pick it up.  lol.  I really liked being able to take over quizzes.  I loved this class! 

You like caffiene!!  Tell us about your dad was the best story of the year.  Despite my keep hate for math/Algebra, I had bunches of fun in your class.  I had a blast.  Thanks! 

Your stories about you being on your bicycle was my favorite.  Your one of the coolest teachers at this school. 

In your class, you helped me learn who I was.  I like the group activities and the free sodas we could win!  Your a cool teacher.  Glad I passed this class!!

You are the best teacher I have ever had.  You are my favorite teacher and you are a great man that inspired me to push on and never give up.  YOU ARE THE BULLDOZER. 

I'm sure I learned something other than math this year in your classroom but I can't think of anything.  Your class was I lot easier than I expected it to be.  Don't change anything.  Hopefully i will have you as a teacher again before I graduate. 

If you need information that you can't find on these pages, please email me or you can IM me at "its2005"


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