Red Lion Christian Academy
Bear, Delaware

Mon Aug 11 - Wed Aug 13, 2008

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2008 Veteran Awards
2008 Rookie Awards

Back Row:  Coach Devyn, Coach Houser, Sarah Godek, Kathleen Becker, Alexis Robinson, Courtney Sordelet, Coach Nina, Alyssa Ainsworth, Rachel Walker, Lindsey Heitzmann,
Rolanda Griffin, Emily Stabley, Audra Ketchem, Niki Lemper, Meredith Harrison, Alyssa Simmons, Alyssa Rulewicz, Coach Shannon, Coach Maggie
Middle row:  Coach Gina, Paige Sordelet, Emily Gripp, Alli Thurman, Gaby Muniz, Naomi Wolf, Jenn, Christian Mills, Brooke Tweddell, Devon Cavender, Allyson, Ally Day
Front Row:  Emily Netta, Becca "Red" Jones, Leslie Manning, Natalie Gorgoni, Andrea DeMaio, Michelle Osborn, Stephanie Manning, Sammi Shivok


That was the funnest camp i've been to ever,
well so far .. causeee .....theres always next year =]
but it was awesome . i love you guys !

The after lunch warm ups and stretching are done!  Our COD's have said what they want to say.
Now..........let's get after the afternoon session!

Our Monday after lunch warmup was Elbow Tag!
Touch a picture to see the bigger version!

The Veteran Camp Picture


Our Tuesday after lunch warmup was Amoeba Tag!
Touch a picture to see the bigger version!


The Rookie Camp Picture


Our Wednesday after lunch warmup was Steal The Bacon!
Touch a picture and see the bigger version! 

Steal The Bacon Winners!
Gabby, Leslie, Sarah & Rolanda


Monday Captain Of The Day:   Veteran:  Leslie Manning    Rookie:  Alli Thurman
Tuesday Captain Of The Day:   Veteran:  Michelle Osborne  Rookie:  Devon Cavender
Wednesday Captain Of The Day:   Veteran:  Emily Netta   Rookie: Paige Sordelet

2008 Camp Format:

9am to 4pm
with an hour lunch break every day.

There weretwo divisions, just like year before!
The Rookie Division has the less experienced players.
The Veteran Division had the more experienced players.

The divisions were not be split by age, but by playing experience,
so there could have been a rising soph in the rookie division,
and a rising 8th grader in the veteran division. 

$80 for RL players
$126 for other girls!

Registration Info:
Here was the camp registration form to download! 

If you have any questions about the camp,
you may email the camp director, Coach Houser,
or the camp host, RLCA head coach
Nikki Parkinson at  







Rookie Camp Director:

Shannon Haynes
Shannon graduated from Bassett High near Martinsville Va in 1999.  She played for Coach Houser at Bassett for the only two years that team has ever made the state tournament!   As a senior in high school, she was 1st Team All District, 1st Team All Region, 2nd Team All State.  Her senior team also made the Virginia state final 4.  She then went on to play college volleyball at UVa-Wise in Wise Virginia.  She graduated from Ferrum College in 2006 and is the mother of Ethan!    She has been the assistant coach of Coach Houser's junior teams for the past 3 years.  The 2006 junior team qualified for Nationals......and she was a big reason we qualified!  You can contact Shannon at

List Of Camp Assistants Are: 

Maggie Allison
Maggie is a freshman at Ferrum College where she rooms with Devyn (below). She tried out for the team in August and MADE IT!!!  While in high school, she has played 1 year of J.O. vball on my 16's team, played 4 years of varsity vball, and 3 years of middle school ball.   She also played high school varsity softball and basketball. Maggie has assisted with 13 STAR camps!  Her screen name is JrHsBaMbInA her email is MAllison@FERRUM.EDU and her myspace is maggie_may07.

Devyn Bayes
Devyn is a freshman at Ferrum College, where she rooms with Maggie (above)!  She also tried out for the team and made it!!!  She graduated from George Washington High School in Danville, VA in 2007, where she played volleyball for six years.   She started out as a setter, but in her junior year, she became a starting OH.  That year she was named the team's Outstanding Server!    Devyn has now assisted with six STAR volleyball camps.   Email:      Screen Name:  bowlingdevil9007      MySpace Page: 

Nina Lekwuwa
Nina was a member of the c/o 2006 at Westover Christian Academy in Danville, Virginia.  She played school volleyball for 5 years and she attended two STAR camps while at WCA.  She also played 5 years of school basketball and 2 years of school softball.   Nina has assisted with five STAR camps!!  She attends Virginia Commonwealth University!!!   Her email address is

Gina Burgess
Gina was a home school senior.  She lives in Herndon Va, just west of Washington DC.  She started playing volleyball in the 8th grade, and she's played 2 years of J.O. ball, which included playing my Spike Punch team when she was in the 9th grade.  (Ask her about the nose bleed tournament!!)   Gina also played 9 years of soccer and one year of basketball.  Gina returns for her 2nd year at Red Lions!!  Her email address is  Her sn is GisforG1NA

Lori Bryant  (Mon & Wed only)
Lori just graduated from Red Lion Christian Academy and is ready to start her freshman year at Goldey-Beacom College in August. Lori played 6 years of volleyball for Red Lion; 2 years on the middle school team, 2 years on JV and 2 years on varsity. Lori has also played softball for 8 years, including 3 years at Red Lion. This is her first time assisting a STAR camp, although she has attended the last 2 that were held at Red Lion.  Lori's myspace is You can contact her at

2007 Red Lion Camp!2007 Veteran Awards
2007 Rookie Awards
2006 Red Lion Camp!2006 Awards Winners!


Red Lion Christian Academy
1390 Red Lion Road, Bear, Delaware    19701
Phone: (302) 834-2526         Fax: (302) 836-6346

Touch here to see the school website.
Touch here to see a map to the school.
The coaches stayed at this Econo Lodge in Newark, Delaware.

According to NCAA rules, players from the class of 2008 ARE eligible to participate in a summer high school camp.  This will not get them in any trouble and it will not jeopardize their college vball eligibility. 

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