Jefferson Forest High School
Monday June 23 - Thursday June 26, 2008
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STAR Award Winners    RISING STAR Award Winners

Back Row:  Coach Maggie, Coach Nikki Johnson, Coach Devyn Bayes,  Lauren Rudisill,
Allie Lovell, Daphne Allen, Hollin Wirt, Morgan Horne, Jennifer Garrett, Madi Clarke, Kenzie Bryant,
Christina Dietz, Hannah Huntington, Taylor Tibbs, Carsen Baldree, India Callahan,
Amber, Bandera Cupit, Ciara Hudson, Coach Sam Thomas, Coach Houser

Middle Row:  Coach Jordan Hawkins, Madison Carroll, Jasmine Callahan, Alyson Colkitt, Brittany Tyree, Jacey Cox,
Madison Saunders, Emily Trent, Kayla Simpson, Erica Dodson, Annie Frost, Hannah Markham, Emory Read,
Alexis Brown, Coach Ashley Wheeler, Coach Eva Delaney, Coach Lindsey Smith

Front Row:  Ellen Thompson, Mary Grace Falls, Holly Kane, Jessie Kane, Kaylee Bryant,  Devani Rini, Allison Davis,
Jessie Hilbish, Kelly Lineberry, Ashleigh Terry, Ryan Martin, Coach Emily Taylor.

Steal The Bacon Champs!! Steal The Bacon Runner Ups

Captain Of The Day for Monday June 23:  Devani Rini
Captain Of The Day for Tuesday June 24:  Allison Davis
Captain Of The Day for Wednesday June 24:  Jessie Hilbish
Captain Of The Day for Thursday June 24:  Jessie Kane 


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2008 Camp Format:

Mon - Wed : 9 am to 4pm, with 60 minutes for lunch.
Thursday:   9 am to 12:30pm.

Cost:  $150

Maximum Campers:  20 in each division

Registration Info: The registration form is right here for easy download!

When Can A Player Register? 
Any player from any school can register for the camp right now!  Just contact Coach Mills. 

The camp will split by Coach Mills into a STAR Division and a Rising Star Division. 

The STAR campers will probably have a tournament on Thursday from 11am to 12:30pm!!  Rising STAR campers may also have a tournament!  That final day will be a lot of fun!! 

If you have any questions about the camp, you may email the camp director, Coach Houser,
at or the camp host,
JF Head Coach Steve Mills, at

I really wanted to thank you for coming to do both the camps for us. I really loved getting to participate in the High Expectations Camp b/c it was good to run harder drills and work harder than we might have at the Star Camp. But the star camp was great for the other girls and I saw so much improvement in only 4 days!! It was awesome. I was so surprised to see how much better the girls were on my court in only 2 days!! I hope Coach Mills gets you to come back and do BOTH camps again next year b/c I know it would greatly benefit the team.  Thanks again and I'll talk to you soon!

Does a camper more time with my staff?  We offer private lessons at North Cross School every Sat & Sun night. Touch here for more info.


JV-B Camp Director:

Nikki Johnson
Welcome back Coach Johnson!!  We can't wait for another great camps!! Coach Johnson was a star setter at William Byrd High (she played against my Bassett teams!) and continued her playing career as a setter at Hollins University.   She has coached club volleyball with Roanoke Juniors and has coached years of JV volleyball at Lord Botetourt.  Now she is the head coach there, just finished a 18-6 season, and coached the district Player Of The Year in libero MacKenzie Tyree.   Coach Johnson is a smiling, encouraging person who impresses people each time her teams play!  I've hoped that she & I could coach a travel volleyball team together, but it just hasn't worked out yet!  You can learn even more about Coach Johnson here.

List Of Camp Assistants: 

Maggie Allison
Maggie is a freshman at Ferrum College where she rooms with Devyn (below). She tried out for the team in August and MADE IT!!!  While in high school, she has played 1 year of J.O. vball on my 16's team, played 4 years of varsity vball, and 3 years of middle school ball.   She also played high school varsity softball and basketball. Maggie has assisted with 13 STAR camps!  Her screen name is JrHsBaMbInA her email is MAllison@FERRUM.EDU and her myspace is maggie_may07.

Devyn Bayes
Devyn is a freshman at Ferrum College, where she rooms with Maggie (above)!  She also tried out for the team and made it!!!  She graduated from George Washington High School in Danville, VA in 2007, where she played volleyball for six years.   She started out as a setter, but in her junior year, she became a starting OH.  That year she was named the team's Outstanding Server!    Devyn has now assisted at six STAR volleyball camps.   Email:      Screen Name:  bowlingdevil9007      MySpace Page: 

Sam Thomas
Sam is a senior at North Cross School.  She started playing volleyball in the 8th grade, has played 3 years of Juniors (one on my 15 Red team here) and 4 years of school ball.  Sam was just named 2nd team All-Conference and was a starter on the North Cross varsity team that made the final 4 in the state tournament.  She is presently assisting me with my 15's Open Roanoke Juniors team.  Her email address is

Eva Delaney
Eva started playing volleyball in the 7th grade at Hidden Valley Middle.  Since then, there have been numerous high points!  As a freshman, she played on the Roanoke Juniors 15's National Team that won the state championship and qualified for Nationals!  This past fall, she took over as the starting setter at Hidden Valley High, and what does the team do?  Win their first district championship and qualify for their first state tournament ever!  She's a role model and a great all-around player.   Email: 

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Jefferson Forest 2007 Camp


Jefferson Forest High School info:

Touch here to see the JFHS website.

1 Cavalier Circle
Forest, VA 24551
Phone:  (434)525-2674         Fax:  (434)525-0106
Touch here to see a map to the school.

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