Roanoke Catholic School
Monday July 14 - Fri July 18, 2008
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Incredible!  There were 13 different high schools represented at the RCS camp!  If anyone wants more time with my staff?  We offer private lessons at North Cross School most every Sat & Sun night.  Touch here for more info.

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The STAR Camp Picture
Back Row:  Coach Houser, Coach Devyn, Gussie Revercomb, Mairin Guilfoyle, Amber Simmons, Leah Wilkes,Coach Maggie
Middle Row: Christine Surface, Allyson Francis, Molly Lovell, Aidan Guilfoyle, Alex, Emily DaPonte
Front row:  Katie Williamson, Chesley Fobare, Eva Intravaia, Alexis McSherry, Mary Weatherman, Haley Dietz

The Rising STAR Camp Picture

Back Row: Coach Tim McSherry, Julia Rogan, Carla Rogan, Carrie Tomlinson, Spencer Biggs, Coach Alexis, Coach Devyn, Coach Houser
4th Row: Coach Mary, Coach Aidan, Annie Deer, Olivia Sass, Eilise Guilfoyle, Kallie Wilkes, Katie Fortner, Coach Maggie, Coach Sam Thomas
3rd Row: Darby McPhail, Sarabeth Bukowski, Ava Perez, Bailey Click, Faith Weatherman, Anna Eapen, Emily Murphy, Coach Sam Ringer
2nd Row: Sophie Delzell, Anne Clare Levy, Emily Fulton, Alyssa Bradley, Gretchen Davis, Madisson Billings, Page Pest, Ali George
Front Row: Stephanie Via, Alana Broholm, Lauren Thomas, Sarah Smith, Emily Gamber, Sarah Fraze, Laurie George, Courtney Chattin.

Warmups And Stretching!


Roanoke Catholic Camp Faces! 

The Captain Of The Day Speaks To The STAR Campers

The STAR camp!!



Thank you Tim McSherry!!

The STAR Tournament Teams!

The Rising Star Nature Trail!!! 


Captains Of The Day
Monday July 14:  Morning:  Aidan Guilfoyle   Afternoon:  Faith Weatherman
 Tuesday July 15: Morning:  Mary Weatherman   Afternoon:  Olivia Sass
Wednesday June 16:  Morning:  Alexis McSherry   Afternoon:  Ava Perez
Thursday July 17:   Morning: Katie Williamson and Allyson Francis   Afternoon:  Stephanie Via

2008 Camp Format:

The Star Division:
Time: 8am to 12noon.
This division included girls who were rising 10th graders through rising 12th graders or who had significant volleyball experience.
Some younger girls were eligible to play in the Stars Division with approval from Coach Houser.

The Rising Star Division:
Time: 1pm until 4:30pm.
This division included girls who were rising 9th grade and younger.  These girls had little or no playing experience.  Middle school girls were especially welcome!!  Some girls who had a season or two of experience could have benefited from this division where they could be re-learning the basics of passing, serving, spiking, etc.


Star:  $110
Rising Star:  $100

Total Campers:

Maximum of 20 per division

Registration Info:

The camp registration form could
 be downloaded here.

Friday is "Fun Day"
This was be a day of mini-tournaments, competition,
fun and a pizza party hosted by RCS!!

If you have any questions about the camp, you may email the camp director, Coach Houser,
at or the camp host,
Frank Guilfoyle at

List Of Camp Assistants: 

Maggie Allison
Maggie is a freshman at Ferrum College where she rooms with Devyn (below). She tried out for the team in August and MADE IT!!!  While in high school, she has played 1 year of J.O. vball on my 16's team, played 4 years of varsity vball, and 3 years of middle school ball.   She also played high school varsity softball and basketball. Maggie has assisted with 13 STAR camps!  Her screen name is JrHsBaMbInA her email is MAllison@FERRUM.EDU and her myspace is maggie_may07.

Devyn Bayes
Devyn is a freshman at Ferrum College, where she rooms with Maggie (above)!  She also tried out for the team and made it!!!  She graduated from George Washington High School in Danville, VA in 2007, where she played volleyball for six years.   She started out as a setter, but in her junior year, she became a starting OH.  That year she was named the team's Outstanding Server!    Devyn has now assisted at six STAR volleyball camps.   Email:      Screen Name:  bowlingdevil9007      MySpace Page: 

Sam Thomas
Sam is a senior at North Cross School.  She started playing volleyball in the 8th grade, has played 3 years of Juniors (one on my 15 Red team here) and 4 years of school ball.  Sam was just named 2nd team All-Conference and was a starter on the North Cross varsity team that made the final 4 in the state tournament.  She is presently assisting me with my 15's Open Roanoke Juniors team.  Her email address is

Samantha Ringer  (afternoon most days)
Sam started playing school ball in the 7th grade. As a 9th grader, Sam was one of the setters on the HV JV team, but has since bloomed into an incredible hitter and passer. Sam played on my 15's Open team in 2007 and played our Roanoke 16's Open team is past season.  That 16's team was only a few points from winning the bid to Nationals!! You can email Sam with your questions at

Afternoon Assistants Include

Aidan Guilfoyle, Mary Weatherman, Mairin Guilfoyle,
Alexis McSherry, Tim McSherry



Roanoke Catholic School info:

Touch here to see the RCS website.

Roanoke Catholic School
621 N. Jefferson St.
Roanoke, VA 24016 (540) 982-3532
Touch here for directions to the school.

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