Mr. Houser's
2011 End Of Class Notes!

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My great concern is not whether you have failed to meet your goals,
but whether you are content with that failure.
Abraham Lincoln

Site updated:  06/09/2011 11:39 AM

End of the Year Notes to Mr. Houser

Name some things other than math that you learned in Mr. Houser's room

That you cared so much about us, and your mom
That Mr. Houser is weird, but cool
That teachers can really have a friendly relationship with students and give advice
The smooth taste of Mt. Dew is even better at school. 
Life lessons, etc.
If you are 18, and still in high school, you can still get in trouble.
Never run out of water when biking on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Life lessons.                        To be the bigger person.                        I learned to work as a team.
Only worrying about yourself doesn't always help "your team".
If you work hard, good things will happen.
That when you think an object is cold, it is merely taking heat outta your body.

I learned that I'm not number one, and that I'm not the most important person in the class:  My classmates are.
How to make smart decisions.

What about Algebra I, Part II did you like?

The way we were given fun/easy ways to solve problem like owling, marriage, etc. 
Having assigned seats and being able to have your class this year.
Being in class again with my best friends.
Houser.     The method in which I was taught.       
I think this class was awesome b/c Mr. Houser makes it awesome.
The sodas and occasionally joking.
The goofiness of Mr. Houser and he always makes us laugh.
I really liked how you made sure everyone knew the material and tried your best to explain it in different ways.
I was good at plotting points and that kind of stuff.
Dogs and cats, forks and spoons.
Retaking quizzes over when you fail them.
I really like all of it.                  Monkey Math. 
Everything!  If you fail this class, then you're not trying.
Caffeine                 How easy the final exam was.  :)           Mr. Houser's teaching techniques.
That we could retake stuff until we got it right.
The Distance "Dude" and singing the quadratic formula.
All of the Algebra that we did.           Monkies that would fall off b/c of people's super powers.
All of it.     The Dude.      You're funny!     The quadratic formula.  

Special Notes To Mr. Houser

You're the best math teacher and a great man.  Mrs. Kardian forgot how to spell, but thanks for all the help.
You were awesome this year, and you're great with teaching.  I'm sure going to MISS YOU!  :) 
Mr. Houser, oh Mr. Houser.  You're a good teacher. My, Sam, Angel had fun in your class picking on you. 
Thank you for all the advice that you gave me during lunch and before school.  You made an amazing person out of me.
You're a great teacher, and one of my favorite teachers ever.
I love this class.               I liked being in your class.                  Have a good summer.
We went from worst to first!!                 I will miss you next y ear.
Mr. Houser, you have been a wonderful teacher.  Going to miss you.  Love you.
I really hated this class at the beginning of the year, but it got easy as it went along. 
I'm gonna miss you so much.  I'm gonna visit you as much as possible.
Thanks for making class fun.            Love ya, Mrs. K and Mr. Houser              You're my favorite teacher.
You are the coolest teacher that I have ever had.  Hope to see you in the future.
You are a great teacher.  You helped me a lot when I needed it. 
I will miss you.  Have a good summer.  For next year's class:  Houser is the bomb and is really awesome.
OMG RAAWWWR!!!!!!                You are a great teacher and for that, you get infinity bonus points. 
Have a great summer.      You're a huge dork.            Stay weird cause weird makes the world go round.
Thanks for being an awesome teacher.        
You're the best Houser.  You're the funniest teacher I've ever had.  Even though you can be a meanie butt, you're the best.  Even though you can be a smart alec, you're awesome.  I will miss you. 
Thank you for being such a great math teacher this year.  I am going to miss you so much.  You bff. 
Great teacher!!  It's s shame you're not teaching geometry next year.
You're a humorous person!!  I'll miss coming to your class next year.
You were a fantastic teacher.   You were the best teacher that I had this year or ever.


"You are a great teacher.  You're nice and not strict like some. 
I enjoyed your class this year.  I'm not a math person, but I loved coming to math this year.
You're a funny person.  I'm going to miss coming to your class.  Hope you have a great summer.
See you next y ear."

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