2011 Next Revolution In Volleyball
16 Nationals

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.   Mahatma Ghandi

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We are "532 and 950"

Great Season!  Great Memories!  Wonderful Players & Parents!  It was Incredible!

Together We Can!

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Team Announcements

Looking Back: Let's Let The Parents Have The Final Word!

I wanted each of you to know how much I have enjoyed getting to know you this season. I will cherish our times together. Traveling, cheering, eating, and of course, indulging in chocolate together was a blast. I hope that our paths will cross again soon.


This has been the BEST year of travel volleyball our FAMILY has ever had!! Not only did our daughter learn, grow and enjoy... us parents enjoyed being at each activity, weekend, practice, etc. because each of you were a joy to be around! We are extremely grateful to have been blessed with this opportunity of a lifetime - this is what "team" is supposed to be about! When I speak to other parents about our season, the only response I ever hear is "WOW, you are SO lucky!"


 In addition to our daughter's improved volleyball skills--not that important in the overall scheme of things--she has matured and learned so much from the coaches and for that my wife and I are grateful to you. Sometimes it takes a non-parent (adult) to help reinforce or get a message across.


Just wanted you all to know that we have really enjoyed our time with you all--you really are a great group of people.  Our daughter will have memories that will last a lifetime and life lessons that she may not realize now but she will definitely use later. It has been exhausting but I am really sad that it's over and I am really going to miss our volleyball weekends.


Oh my goodness, so many moments from this season (ones I am aware of and ones I am not yet aware of) to carry forward with in my heart, it truly has been an honor and a pleasure to have met and shared with all of you.


Grays: we will miss sweet Sarah but grateful to have gotten the chance to meet you and won't forget cracker barrel!
Dietzs: loved the stories! Always know I will walk away smiling after a conversation with the Dietzs.
Cindy P, you truly are the nicest person I have ever met in my life!  Great example of someone who gives her best and looks for it in others.
Jeannine, a wise woman, love your philosophy on life. What a giver of yourself. You are one of those people in life that I feel blessed to have known.
Patty, how do u do it? What sacrifices u make for your family!  We see it, God sees it.
Lee, one of God's gifts to some people is hospitality. You have it and use it beautifully.
Cindi H, a caring heart, not just for your girl, but for all of ours. Thanks for encouraging words.
Beth Anne, what a worker bee u are, thanks for all the time you gave to finding us beds!
Joyces, the really funny thing is-no one in Henry or Patrick Co. would ever accuse our families of being rednecks!!
Best of all, Hannah had her buddy back - makes it all worthwhile.

Two Liberos for Next Season!

USA Volleyball has announced that a team may designate two liberos per set next year.  You can read more about it here.


A Valuable Lesson

"If you fail to look after your teammates, you lose much more than a few vball matches.  But if teammates embrace each other, then they will gain much more than winning those matches. " 

We're Online & 18's On UTube!

There are articles about our team here, here  and here.

Also, here's some video of our 18's team at BigSouth on YouTube!


Summer Doubles Schedulel!

Here is where you'll find the adult schedule of tournaments that are played on Saturdays and Sundays.  Yes, girls are free to play.... they do it all the time.  This is not Aaron King's junior doubles schedule.


Next Revolution N Volleyball 16N Team Roster
Num Name Ht Posit Gr School
2 Erin Holsinger 5'11" MB 10 Home School
4 Allyssa King 5'8" OH 10 Lord Botetourt
5 Sarah Gray 5'5" DS/L 10 Hidden Valley
6 Morgan Robison 5'6" DS/L 10 Patrick Henry
7 Hanna Podeschi 5'8" Right/S 9 Hidden Valley
12 Christina Dietz 5'5" S 10 Virginia Episcopal School
13 Gussie Revercomb 5'8" OH 10 North Cross
15 Jordan Joyce 5'11" MB 10 Bassett
16 Maggie Eddleton 5'10" Right 9 Christiansburg
17 Hannah Helbert 5'7" OH 10 Patrick County

Touch a girl's name, and you will see pictures from our season!  And please visit our player page here

Head Coach:  Tom Houser
Assistant Coach:   Audrey Easter, head coach, James River High.     
Assisting The Coaches:  Caroline Brown

 Tournament Schedule!

Jan 15 - 17 Myrtle Beach:  2nd place in 16's Open, record 15-5.
Jan 29 Day Tournament at RVC North  2nd place in 17's, record 10-3
Feb 12 Day Tournament at JMU  
  2nd place in 16's open, record 6-2
Feb 19 - 21 Capitol Hill Classic   18th place in 40-team 16's open, record 7-11!
March 5 Day Tournament at RVC North
1st Place, record 7-1
March 19 - 20 The Old Dominion Region Bid Tournament   5th place of 17 teams, record 10-7!
March 26 - 27   Shamrock   9th place of 90 teams, 9-7, record!
April 1 - 3 Big South Qualifier  
39th of 96 in the National Division, 7-11 record!
April 16 - 17 Hi Neighbor in Asheville
   18-0 and 16's Open Division CHAMPS!
April 30 - May 1 Revolutionary Rumble in Williamsburg
   2nd place of 42 teams, record 14-21!

Overall record this year:  103 - 49 (68%)

A little sight-seeing in Colonial Williamsburg!  Undefeated after Day #1 of the Revolutionary Rumble!

Junior HiNeighbor Champions 16 Open!  Undefeated!
More pictures can be seen here!

We finished 5th at the Bid Tournament!  GREAT JOB!  We stayed at the Henry Clay Inn.  It's in the background.

We won the tournament at RVC North on March 5th!  We met our goal!
And we got to play "Whose Line Is It?"  More pics are here.

On the left are our fans on Stuffed Animal Practice, then here is our team with their own personal fans!

Great Tournament! We LOVED Wash DC!  Here we are on court 40 where we went 2-1 on Day 1!  Sweeeeet!

It was Feb 6... and we had Super Bowl practice, and we're ready for action!   
Now let's go home and watch the real thing!  

We scrimmaged the NRV 17's on Jan 9, and played our best ball of the season! 
The improvement continues!

We exchanged Christmas presents on Dec 23rd!  This was awesome!

Scrimmage Dec 19, 2010!

Erin gave the team some GREAT presents! 

After our player's meeting, Dec 5th, 2010!  Now, let's get better!




These former players are 2010
District Players Of The Year!!! 
Morgan Shannon, River Ridge District,  Aidan Guilfoyle, Blue Ridge Conference,
Liz Brailsford, Western Valley District, and Macey Tyree, Blue Ridge District 
(and 4th year in a row for the Tyree sisters!)



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Feb 12, 2011
"I'm so glad my parents let me know play on this team.  I tell my mom all the time that I don't know what I would do if I hadn't played for this team.  And when I see other teams I tell her how even if they went to Nationals I wouldn't give up our team for anything.  I told her I'm going to cry all the time once the season is over!  I told Coach Easter that when we were watching [another team from Virginia] how you can tell they aren't as close as we are and how it makes such a huge difference and that I'm so glad we're not like that."





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