Coach Houser has coached three teams at Nationals!  In 2006 he was the head coach of  Roanoke 15 National TeamTouch here for pics of the "Hot Tamales" and touch here to see pics of their trip to Nationals!  Then in 2009, it happened again!  Pics of '09 Nationals are here!  Then in 2012, his NRV 15's team qualified. Pics of the trip can be seen here!

"I Can't Wait" Volleyball Camps.
2009 Calendar.

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2009 STAR Calendar • FranklinCo2009 • Riverheads2009 • HighExp@ECGlass2009 • Timberlake2009 • RoanCath2009 • Fuqua2009 • StMarysPA2009 • ChugiakAlaska2009 • RedLionDE2009

I know you hear this alot, but you are an awesome coach! Your email after the tournament made my daughter's day!  You can use my words because I would tell anyone! I manage a large company and I know great leadership when I see it. Thanks again for staying close to your players.

James Mercadante, father of Kelsey, STAR Camper 2005 - 2008


Your philosophies, plans & genuine love for the game & the girls, most of whom you don't even know, are inspiring. They are the things that separate you, and I'm sure your camps, apart from the rest. I know I have probably written similar things to you before, but keep up the great work!

Frank Guilfoyle, host of the Roanoke Catholic camp in 2008

EVERYONE I talk to, including my A. D., was extremely positive about you, your coaches and the camp. I haven't heard one negative yet.  And that's a great thing 

Fawn McMackin, St Marys Area High School, St Mary's PA, host of a 2008 camp!


"Thanks for all of your time and heart, the feedback is outstanding!  We want you back next year!"
Maria Rushbrooke, head coach of Roanoke Catholic, host of a 2008 STAR camp.


"You can go to a big university camp and spend $500 and just play a bunch a games. To get the kind of instruction that STAR camps give your players is a total bargain."

Jim Barber
Head Coach, Westover Christian School, Host of ten camps, including 2006 and 2007


We all love your coaching style! You definitely have a gift!! 

Amy Amerell, mother of a 2008 High Expectations Camper

 My daughter Felisha was at your High Expectations Camp at JFHS.  It was the best camp she had ever attended.  After we left you, she went to James Madison University for a hitter camp, then to Va Tech for their Specialty Camp and a team skills camp.  None compared to the fundamentals that you instilled in her.  She grew from the things you guys taught her.  And she got the hitter position on her school team that she tried out for against against a lot of talented girls, and is a hitter on her varsity team.  We couldn't have done it w/o you!

Mellanie Kello, of New Kent, Virginia.


I thought everything was great. I could not have asked for anything different. The comments were nothing but positive about you and your staff. The greatest compliment is that people learned that volleyball is a TEAM game, not an individual sport.

Barry Kane
Host of a 2007 Camp at Timberlake Christian School in Lynchburg Va.


"I just looked at our camp web page and it is great. Thanks for the great job you and your coaches did, I could not ask for better."

  Sharon Owens, Host of a 2006 Camp at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Va


I know your camp helped one of my players with some self-concept issues because she did not get much playing time last year, but this year she knows she needs to step it up for the team. I think the "captain of the day" was a good boost for the players.

Barry Kane
Host of a 2007 Camp at Timberlake Christian School in Lynchburg Va


Bottom line…Coach Houser STAR VB CAMP… 15 eager to learn volleyball players…14 hours of expert volleyball instruction….potential for a winning season …. PRICELESS!!!! 

And thank you for the great website!!

Penni Douglas, host of a 2007 Camp at Oconee Christian
Seneca, SC


"While watching Coach Houser's practices they reminded me of the purpose and intensity that we saw during the Regional High Performance camps my daughter
has attended. Every drill is well planned out and executed. Each has a purpose, and builds on what was learned in earlier sessions. The players are encouraged to play the game with passion along with strategy. "

Parent of a present member of my 2009 Junior Volleyball Team!


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We played in the round robin last Friday.  It was so cool to see how far we've come!  The parents were so impressed with the girls' progress.  The credit goes to you! 
Penni Douglas, host of a 2007 Camp at Oconee Christian
Seneca, SC

 STAR Camp Calendar!!
       When dates are reserved, they will posted them here. 
Here's how a coach can do that!

June 15 - 18, 2009
Franklin County High
Rocky Mount, Va

Veteran & Rookie Divisions
Veteran Award WinnersMiddle/JV Award Winners
July 13 - 17, 2009
Fuqua School

Farmville, Va
All Skills One Division
Directed By Kolby O'Donnell

June 22 - June 24, 2009
Riverheads High

Staunton, Va
All Skills In One Division
Award Winners

July 20 - July 23, 2009
St Marys Area High School

St Marys, Pennsylvania
Veteran & Rookie Divisions
Veteran Award WinnersJV Award Winners

June 29 - July 2, 2009
EC Glass High
Lynchburg, Va

High Expectations
Award Winners

July 27 - July 31, 2009
Chugiak High

Anchorage, Alaska
Veteran & Rookie Divisions
Varsity Award Winners
JV Award Winners   Rising Stars Award Winners

July 6 - July 9, 2009
Timberlake Christian
Forest, Va
Veteran & Rookie Divisions

Veteran Award Winners
Rookie/Middle Award Winners

Aug 5 - 7, 2009
Red Lion Christian Academy

Bear, DE
Veteran & Rookie Divisions
Rookie Award Winners    Veteran Award Winners

July 13 - 17, 2009
Roanoke Catholic
Roanoke, Va

Veteran, Two Rising Star, and Rookie Divisions
STAR AwardRising Star AwardsRookie Awards

Aug 20, 2009
Shenandoah Valley Christian
Academy, New Market Va

Varsity Team Clinic, 3pm to 9pm
Directed By Athena Aronson
Does your daughter want more time with my staff?  We offer private lessons at North Cross School every Sat & Sun night.  They'll stop around Dec 1st.  Touch here for more info.


Staff Calendar For 2009
I want you to have your camp the days when your team needs it,
so let's talk about which member of my staff best fits your team's needs!
Your girls will love my staff!!  They're incredible!!

Coach Houser's Calendar

Gray means closed

Nikki Johnson's
Gray means closed

Gylton DaMatta's
Gray means closed

Kolby O'Donnell's Calendar
Gray means closed

June 15 - 20 open
June 22 - 27
June 29 - July 4

July 6 - July 11
July 13 - July 18 
July 20 - July 25
July 27 -  Aug 1
Aug 3 - Aug 8

Aug 10 - Aug 15 on

To see more about Coach Houser, just touch here.

June 8 - 13  open
June 15 - 20  open
June 22 - 27 open
June 29 - July 4 open
July 6 - July 11 open
July 13 - July 18
July 20 - July 25 open
July 27 - Aug 1
Aug 3 - Aug 8 open
Aug 10 - Aug 15 open

To see more about Coach DaMatta, please touch here.

June 8 - 13
June 15 - 20 
June 22 - 27
June 29 - July 4
July 6 - July 11
July 13-July 18 
July 20 - July 25
July 27 - Aug 1
Aug 3 - Aug 8
Aug 10 - Aug 15

To see more about Coach Johnson, just touch here.

June 8 - 13  open
June 15 - 20  open
June 22 - 27 open
June 29 - July 4
July 6 - July 10
July 13 - July 16
July 17  through the end of summer

To see more about Coach O'Donnell, touch here.


Price freeze for 2009!!!  Second year in a row!!


All host coaches receive a complimentary copy of Coach Houser's Two "I Can't Wait" Ebooks And Drill Collection


These are the camps my staff and I directed in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Let's do a camp or an in-season clinic for your kids soon!
Just email me at and we'll get the planning started.


Emails That I Received After the 2007 Red Lion Camp!
I had a fabulous time and really needed camp to get back into the swing of things. It was great seeing you all again and I can't wait for you to come back next year. coach houser:  i miss you and volleyball camp!!  i'm so excited for tryouts and preseason.  thanks so much for coaching me and everyone, you really inspire all of us a lot ! especially me !  i definitely want to play college ball.  ah, i'm trying ! well i just wanted to say thanks for everything and that your probably the best coach i know !   i love you and miss you ! i miss you all already!! :[  but i wanted to thank you sooo much for camp this week! it was soo fun, and i learned a lot!! I think you definitely helped my team become closer and start off the year good!  your such a good coach and give good talks!  im soo glad you got to come up again!! thank you SO much!
My sister and I wanted to say thank you so much for coming out to Delaware. We learned so much and were greatly encouraged. Thanks again.

Does your daughter some private time with my staff? 
We offer private lessons at North Cross School every Sat & Sun night. 
They start around April and end around Dec 1st. 
Touch here for more info.


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