Mr. Houser's
2012 End Of Class Notes!

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End of the Year Notes to Mr. Houser

Name some things other than math that you learned in Mr. Houser's room

Life lessons.      Quotes to keep me going.     That I don't have to be OCD about everything.       That I'm not top priority. 
I can give myself high self-worth, determination, motivation.       Think about others before you think about youself.
I learned about looking out for myself in relationships, and not giving my all to someone.
   Respect and how to look at life.      The team is the most important thing.       There was too much to list. 
How to work as a team.    How to respect myself and how to have pride in the things I do.
That you can talk to Mr. Houser about anything, and learning involves fun! 
How to deal w/basic life problems, and how to be stronger for myself in relationships. 
Do your homework & pay attention, BE YOURSELF!         NO BABIES until I can afford them. 
English you taught.       That your van is old.     How to work at the zoo.  Monkey Math. 
Listen to your brain, and not your heart.      Never give up.       All your family. 
Treat women correctly, respect others, don't cheat!       How to be successful.  
That I need to work for things in life, and that life isn't a handout.      Stay awake in class. 
That every choice you make now can affect your future.       That you can succeed through everything. 
I learned to push myself & motivate myself and not to give up.       To be yourself. 
I don't really value the more important things in live.        Some very good life lessons. 
To be respectful, wait til you are married to have babies, don't be a caveman!!
Self respect.  I learned a lot of "people smarts".       That the team is top priority. 
That you should plan for the future educationally.      You can't expect things to be just handed to you. 
I learned to ask questions.        How to be a good person. 
Dealing with relationships & conflicts and how to solve them like a lady/gentleman.
That you are not the top priority in your life.        How to act right.     That's it's OK to to be single. 
That Houser is awesome in school and outside school and we accomplished his goal:  To win! 
It's easy to get honor roll if you do homework.   
That Mr. Houser knows a lot about the real world like I do.        How to be an adult and take responsibility. 
I learned that somethings that aren't great can still help out in the long run. 
That an organized binder helps a lot.       If the team's not happy, you can't make it happy. 
Don't talk while I'm doing my work, or I'll get kicked out of class. 
How to be more independent.  You gave lots of great advice & stories about what we should avoid! 
To read your contracts before you sign them.          To do what you're told. 

What about Geometry did you like?

 * Relaxed environment, but still well controlled.       * I like how you talk to us before you start teaching. 
 * You in general. I love your charisma and attitude.  You make math easy.       * You. 
 * Mr. Houser, you made learning easy.     * When you told stories and talk about life.       
 * We could retake quizzes as many times as we needed.        * I like how Mr. House is so cool and understands. 
 * Houser's personality.        * Actually being excited about math again.       * You and your stories. 
 * How it was fun!       * You tell stories, help us a lot, and it's always fun.         * You're loud and make math fun. 
 * You really teach us life lessons, and push kids to make their goals in life.         * The teacher.  
 * The stories and the advice that you gave us.      * Working together.       * The jokes and stories.
 * The teaching method you used.      The lessons were fast.    The homework logs, and having a week to do them.
 * That when we take notes, you tell us stories to make the class fun.    * The teacher. 
How hyper you are.... you keep me awake.     The quiz retakes.       * The energy.    * Your stories and life advice.   
 * All the stories and how you are a great teacher.     The people in it! 
 * The review at the start of the year.      Your humor.   Winning sodas.     Seeing Mr. Houser every day. 
 * The teacher.    It was easy to understand the way you teach.     You, the teacher.   How Mr. Houser is hyper.
 * You did not keep on hounding us.  We know what grades we were missing, and we did them if we wished.
 * You motivating us and homework logs.           * It was easy!         * Everything.          * The sodas. 
 * The fact that u always were happy and cared about the students, and u made the class run with your stories and jokes. 
 * I love how you inspirational you were andhow you made geometry somewhat fun.   :) 
The announcments/advice at the beginning of every class.         * The atmosphere; the teacher. 
How you tried so hard to get kids to learn.        * It wasn't boring.       * You give us a lot of extra credit on quizzes. 
 * I "love" Mr. Houser even though he's crazy!!     Always being busy.   
 * I think this is the only math class that I have fully understood. You are very great at teaching. 
 * Mr. Houser, Naomi, Bobbi, Dakota and Wesley.    Keesha.    Being in groups.     * The teacher and the class members. 
 * Everything about Mr. Houser and his stories and personality.      * It was really fun. 
 * Mr. Houser (such a goof ball).        * The fun way you taught this class.     * It's fun, plus it's easy to succeed. 
 * Mr. Houser makes everything funny and we also learned what we need to know. 
 * Mr. Houser has helped me a lot more than he had to.     * I liked 5-minute groups. 
 * I really liked Mr. Houser's attitude, how he was very active, very happy everyday .
 * That we took a test everyday and that you told stories in between teaching and you being loud and fun. 
* I really liked how you motivated people to do things that they could use in real life. 
* The short quizzes every day so we didn't have huge ones. 
* Our class was very well behaved and kept our grades up.     * Most everything. 

* The teacher.

Special Notes To Mr. Houser

* Some of things you said this year have gotten me through things I didn't think I could.  Make me glad I'm still alive.
* I LUVVVVV youu!  You've given me a lot of great advice. 
* I may have told you some thing most teachers wouldn't know.  I've made some bad choices and will make plenty more.  Just want to say thank you for caring...actually caring.  You've made an impact.  Please don't worry about me.  I have faith in myself and I take all the advice you've given me to heart. 
* Keep up the good work in teaching.  You really taught me, and showed me a lot of difference in life and that my boyfriend isn't a whole lot.   lol.   Thanks for all the talks.  See you next year.  
* This year has been a blast and I wouldn't want a different person to teach me geometry. 
* I really like the way you teach.  More teachers should be like you. 
We've had fun these past 2 years.  I'll miss you more than words can describe. 
* Don't change a thing!  U connect with your students and hold their attention.  That's what a good teacher needs to do.
*  Hope you have a great summer and a great life.  I hope we will see each other again.  You gave us great advice. 
* You're my favorite teacher.        * You need to teach Algebra II and keep teaching.  You're great!
* You're a great teacher.       * You're a good teacher and have a great attitude.  Keep up the good work. 
* Haiiiiiiiii.   :D     You're the best teacher ever!      * I really like having you as a teacher. 
* Thank u so much for not giving up on me when everything was looking bad towards the end.  Thank u for the help. 
* I love you, imma going to miss you next year!  Hopefully you are still guarding our kingdom.
* Thank you for being a great teacher and believing in me in what I do.  And thank you for all the advice you've given us.
* Hopefully I won't see you next year.   :)        * I think you're a great teacher and an interesting person.
* We're going to miss you.       * The best teacher.       * One of the best teachers I have ever had.
* Thanks for everything.  I'll check up on you next year.  Take it easy. 
* I think you were an amazing teacher.  Thanks for the great year.      * Best teacher ever! 
* Thank you for being a great teacher and always being there to talk to.
* By far the best teacher ever.  Won't forget ya.       * You're a BEAST. 
* The past two years with you have been great.  You're an AMAZING teacher and wish you would teach Algebra II.
* Don't change your teaching style.  
* You were the best math teacher I've ever had.  I thnk you for everything you have done.  I appreciate you a lot.  You have helped me through everything. 
* You are an inspriational speaker and you're one of the best teachers I've ever had.  I'll take everything you've ever told me throughout my entire life.  Thanks for everything. 
* Loved your class.  Hope you are an Algebra II teacher next year and I have you again. 
* As much as I complained, whined and didn't pay attention, I really liked the advice you gave and it made me realize nobody's gonna hand me anything in life.  Thank you!  :) 
* Thank you for all the fun and laughs.        * Cool teacher, bro! 
* You're a great teacher, and it's been wonderful being in here for the 2nd time. 
* Thank you for never letting me sleep or act like an idiot.   :) 
* I love you.  Keep doing what you're doing.  I love how you actually care.   Don't forget to follow the rules!  :) 
I hope you have a great summer! 
* You teach geometry in people terms and not like it's rocket science.
* You're too funny and weird.  And you're always hyper.....take some chill pills.  LOL! 
* Drink some caffeine sometime, OK?     * I like your class a lot.  You're a great teacher and a great role model. 
* You've been the best math teacher in the world.  I hope you have a great summer and I'm going to miss you so much.  Thank you for teaching me these past 2 years.  Thanks for everything. 
* Don't ever change.  You're awesome! 
* You're a great teacher. Keep doing what you're doing.     * I will miss you next year. 
* I will miss you and will visit often next year.  I had fun!     * It was a pleasure to be in your class. 
* Thank you for everything you have done for me.  I really appreciate it. 
* You are by far my second favorite teacher.      * Using your math tricks helped me a lot. 
* Thank you for helping me this year.  You motivated me to do better.
* You really were The Best teacher I've had.  You encouraged me to try and get everything in early & learn more & do more things on my own.  Thank you.  I'll come visit you my senior year. 

* You're amazing.  It was an honor being blessed with you as a math teacher.  I think you are an inspiration to me and to others.  You're a gift to the world and I hope everyone knows that.  I hope that you make it to the Grand Canyon, and thank you for everything. 

* You are honestly the best teacher that I have ever had.  You have taught me more than anyone else about math and mostly about life. 

* Thank you for everything you've helped me with.  You made me believe in myself.  You are an amazing teacher.  Thank you for helping me through the hard times.  You are the most inspiring teacher I've ever had.  I will keep the lessons that you taught us with me forever.   Thank you for making my year great!  I will miss you this summer and I will visit you next year.  Thank you for everything Mr. Houser. 

The Best Stories That Were Told

* Going to the circus.    * The stories about your team. 
* What happens to a sick brain when left untreated. 
*    Noneck-Redneck Brother.        * How your brother brought the 2nd trailer into his properly.
* Flushed diapers        * I liked them all.      * The old lady story.       * About roller skating
* How your wife got you a bike, but you had to take it everywhere to get it working. 
* About your volleyball team.    * The bicycle came with no pedals.    * Working at the zoo. 
* All the volleyball success stories.    * When you teach us life lessons and stories. 
* About your wife and funny stories that encourage us to not give up. 
* I can't pick one.  They all were hilarious.     * The ones about you riding your bike.
* When the bug hit you in the face when you were riding your bicycle. 
* Swallowing a bug on the Parkway and puking while riding. 
* How Mr. Houser learned how to swim.     * They were all great!  
* That the sun will bleach a stuffed frog if you leave it in the car window.  
* Grandpa smacked grandson (I don't remember that one.) 
* That a cicada landed on your mustache.      * SOHCAHTOA
* What you did for Valentines Day for your wife.      * About your trips with your teams. 
* The new floors in your house.      * I like hearing you talk about your team. 
* The story about your wife and your office.       * The caveman story. 




My great concern is not whether you have failed to meet your goals,
but whether you are content with that failure.
Abraham Lincoln

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