The ODR Bid Tournament
Richmond, Va.  March 19-20,
Tournament Information Page

The more of ourselves that we sacrifice for our team, the more glory our team will give back to us.
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The ODR Bid Tournament, 2011.
We stayed in Ashland, about 15 minutes from the site.  Awesome!


Our Playing Schedule

Our First Pool:
We defeated Beach Elite 16 Roxy:  20-25, 25-19, 15-7
We defeated MAVC National Blue:  25-10, 25-12
We lost to Hampton Roads Jrs 16-1 Matrix:  23-25, 25-8, 15-17

Our second Day:
We lost to Williamsburg 25-16, 15-25, 10-15
We defeated MAVC National Black:  25-18, 25-18
We defeated HOV 16 Black:  25-21, 25-16

We lost to Mid Atlantic East Coast Elite:  22-25, 15-25

So we finished 5th in the Old Dominion Region Bid Tournament!
GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!  Can't WAIT for Shamrock next weekend. 

After The First Pool!  We're 2-1 and now let's play Williamsburg!


I received the following info a week nbefore the tournament:   
Our entire tournament will be at RVC North. 


We stayed at the Henry Clay Inn.   It was wonderful!  What's up with that "C"?

Saturday night at the Henry Clay Inn!  THANKS parents for the great supper!

Our Team "Hotel"

Our team hotel was not a team hotel at all!
It was the The Henry Clay Inn in Ashland!  Sweeeeet!
114 North Railway Ave, Ashland, Va 24586

There was a parlor upstairs which worked great for guests to gather and talk, play games, relax.  The Inn had two public porches, one of which is screened in with tables. Also the rooms on the rear of the inn had a balcony.

We all had keys to the Drawing Room so that you could
use it for dinner in the evening.

Each room had a private bathroom, cable tv, wireless internet,
coffee, hair driers etc..

No food allowed at RVC North.  None.  But, that's OK.  We made do! 
Thank you parents for all the food.  It was super!

These Teams That Were Accepted!
Seventeen teams!  Wow!

Team Code

Team Name

Club Name


Charlottesville 16 Black

Charlottesville Area Vball Club


Coastal 16 Blue

Coastal Virginia VBC


Beach Elite 16 Roxy

Beach Elite Vball


Beach Elite 16 Mizuno

Beach Elite Vball


HOV U16 Navy

Heart Of Va Jrs


HOV U16 Red

Heart Of Va Jrs


HRJ 16-1 Matrix

Hampton Roads Jrs


MAVC East Coast Elite

Mid Atlantic Vball Club


MAVC National Black

Mid Atlantic Vball Club


MAVC National Blue

Mid Atlantic Vball Club

fj6nrvjo1od NRV 16 National Next Revolution N Vball


Clash 16 Impact

Clash Vball Club


Peninsula Jrs 16 U

Peninsula Jrs Vball Club



Richmond Vball Club



Richmond Vball Club

fj6uspav1od USPAV 16 USPAV  (U-Turn)


Williamsburg 16 Black

Williamsburg Vball Club


Pizza, salad .... and YUMMY dessert!  We work up an appetite playing 11 sets in one day!

Driving Directions
From Roanoke
 To Henry Clay Inn, Ashland

There does appear to be a back roads way of arriving at the Inn. 
But unless I'm convinced otherwise, I think I'll just stick to 64, 295 and 95. 

  • Take exit #177/AIRPORT/WASHINGTON/NORFOLK onto I-295 S - go 8.9 mi

  • Take exit #43/RICHMOND/WASHINGTON onto I-95 N toward #43C/#43A/#43A/WASHINGTON - go 8.5 mi

  • Take exit #92B/ASHLAND onto COURTHOUSE RD(VA-54 E) - go 0.5 mi

  • Continue to follow VA-54 W - go 1.1 mi  Turn Right on N RAILROAD AVE

  • Arrive at 114 N RAILROAD AVE, ASHLAND, on the Left

    Total distance:  193.8 miles.    Time:  3 hours, 9 mins.

Driving Directions
From The Inn To RVC North

The address is 2921 Byrdhill Rd.
Henrico, VA 23228.   The RVC website here.

  • Go back toward I-95 South, approx 1.2 miles.

  • Bear Right to take ramp onto I-95 S toward RICHMOND - go 12.6 mi

  • Take exit #79/POWHITE PARKWAY onto I-64 W toward CHARLOTTESVILLE - go 1.3 mi

  • Take exit #185/STAPLES MILL RD onto STAPLES MILL RD(US-33 W) - go 0.5 mi

  • Turn Right on DUMBARTON RD - go 0.2 mi

  • Turn Right on BYRDHILL RD - go 0.4 mi

    Arrive at 2921 BYRDHILL RD, HENRICO, on the Right

Distance: 16.27 mi Time: 21 mins

This picture was taken and posted here by the request of about 20 members of our team.
Aren't they cute? 


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