Junior Hi Neighbor,
Asheville, NC, Sat-Sun April 16-17, 2011

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.   Mahatma Ghandi
Last updated:  10/30/2011 08:12 AM

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Hi Neighbor Champs!   We were a united team the entire weekend.
18-0.  16's Open Champions!  CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!

Next...... one final weekend..... in Williamsburg!!  I can't wait!!

The Websites That We Found Useful:

There was no 2011 Hi Neighbor tournament website.
There was some info here, at the Biltmore Volleyball Academy's home page.
And pools were posted there.    You can see final results here.

At that website, there was a link to a handout with some info on it.
I pasted that info below, right under the list of teams. 

The 2010 website was  here, but all spring it has just said "Thanks for a great 2010"  Maybe the 2011 final results will be posted there. 

The team hotel website was here.   More on our team hotel below.

Celebrating Erin's birthday at O'Charleys on Saturday night!  AWESOME!!

Our Playing Schedule And Results:
Age Division:  16 Open


Round #1 Pool - A   Pool - B   Pool - C   Pool - D  
Saturday ct. #22   ct. #23   ct. #24   ct. #25  
morning N. Henderson HS   N. Henderson HS   N. Henderson HSx   Apple Valley MS  
Biltmore 16N  3-0   NRV 16 Nat 3-0 Choo Choo 16 White 3-0 Dayton Jrs 15 Gold 2-1
Tri Cnty 16-1 0-3   Biltmore 16N2  2-1   NRV 16 Open  2-1   Academy 16 Crystl 3-0
River Valley 16-2  2-1 Set Point 16 Gold 0-3 SVC 16 Blue 0-3   RiverValley16-1 1-2  
Tri Cities Extreme 16-3 1-2 Wake Xtreme 16 Black 1-2 

NOVVC 16 Silver 1-2

  Horizon Vball 16-1 0-3
Round #2 Pool - AA   Pool - BB   Pool - CC   Pool - DD  
 & Sun.
ct. #22   ct. #23   ct. #24   ct. #25  
N. Henderson HS   N. Henderson HS   N. Henderson HSx   Apple Valley MS  
Bitlmore 16N   3-0   NRV 16 Nat  3-0   ChooChoo 16 Wht 3-0   Academy 16 Crystl  2-1  
Dayton 15Gold  2-1   NRV 16 Open  2-1   Biltmore 16N2  1-2   River Valley 16-2  3-0  
NOVVC 16 Slvr   Rivr Vlly 16-1  0-3   Tri Cities Extr 16-3   0-3   Wake Xtreme16Blk  
Set Point 16 Gold   TriCounty 16-11-2   Rock Solid  2-1      
divisions:       Open Gold Bracket        

AA1 Biltmr 16N

  11am ct. 22   Biltmore 16 N        

DD2 Academy 16 Crystal

N. Henderson HS   N. Henderson HS 1pm ct. 22   Biltmore 16 N      
***    BB2 NRV 16 Open            
  12pm ct. 22   Choo Choo 16 White        
CC1 Choo Choo 16 White            
        N. Henderson HS 2pm ct. 22   NRV 16 National  
DD1 River Valley 16-2          25-10, 25-21
Open Gold Champion
  12pm ct. 23   Dayton 15 Gold     (First Place)
***  AA2 Dayton 15 Gold            
N. Henderson HS   N. Henderson HS 1pm ct. 23   NRV 16 National
31-29, 25-20
CC2 Rock Solid            
  11am ct. 23   NRV 16 National
 25-20, 25-9
BB1 NRV 16 National            
***    -shaded teams are the work teams for the match 1 hour prior to their match on the same court !
   *** - Work teams for all other bracket matches are the loser of the prior match on that court.    
      Open Silver Bracket        
  11am ct. 24             
N. Henderson HSx   N. Henderson HSx 1pm ct. 24  Biltmore 16 N-2      
***   BB4  Rivr Vlly 16-1            
  12pm ct.24    Biltmore 16 N-2         
CC3      Biltmore 16 N-2            
        Apple Valley MS 2pm ct. 25  Biltmore 16 N-2  
  DD3         Open Silver Champion
th overall)
  12pm ct. 25         
*** AA4            
Apple Valley MS   Apple Valley MS 1pm ct. 25  TriCounty 16-1      
CC4    Tri Cities Extr 16-3            
  11am ct. 25    TriCounty 16-1        
BB3  TriCounty 16-1            

The 16's club pools are at the bottom of the page.

OK, this was really good!   But the horns in the restaurant.... that was too much!  :) 

These Teams Have Been Accepted Into The Tournament

The number highlighted in pink are each team's standing in their region.
A team code ending in:  CR = Carolina.  OD = Old Dominion. 
SO = Southern.  OV = Ohio Valley  PR = Palmetto 


Team Name

Club Name

Team Code


16's Silver

North Valley Vball Club



Academy 16 Crystal

NC Vball Academy




Biltmore Vball Academy




Biltmore Vball Academy



BVA 16N2

Biltmore Vball Academy



Carolina Crush 16

Carolina Crush Vball Club



Choo Choo 16 White

Choo Choo City Vball Club



Cobb Xtreme 161

Cobb Xtreme



Dayton Jrs 15 Gold

Dayton Jrs VBC



extreme 16-1




extreme 16-2




ffsva 16 rock solid

Fayetteville first string VA



Horizon Vball 161

Horizon Vball



KVC Kaos 16 Copper

Kernersville Vball Club



NETVC 16 Blue




NRV 16 Nationals




NRV 16 Open




River Valley 16-1

River Valley Jrs



River Valley 16-2

River Valley Jrs



Roanoke United 16 Club

Roanoke United



Set Point 16 Gold

Set Point Vball Club




Survivor JO Club



SMJVC 16-1

Smoky Mountain Jrs. VBC



SVC 16 Blue

Sportsplex Vball Club



SWVJ 16-Blue

Southwest Virginia Jrs



Tri-cities extreme 16-3




Tri-County Vball 16-1

Tri-County Vball Club



Xtreme 16 Black

Western Wake


Isn't this a nice picture?  A bunch of sweet girls!

OK......Then see what happens when they're "released"?  :) 

Tournament Format:

Play begins each day promptly at 8:00 AM, with a coaches meeting on Saturday morning at 7:30 AM.

Each division is seeded according to teamís power ranking in their region.  Then the divisions are set up in 4 team pools for Wave 1 play.  Wave 1 will be complete after the 2:00 PM match.  Wave 2 pools will be established, and play will resume around 3:00 PM.

Wave 2 play will continue through match 4 on Saturday evening.  The final 2 matches of Wave 2 will completed on Sunday morning, before play moves into a single elimination play-off bracket around 11:00 AM.  Each division will have an Open and Club Playoff Bracket, with the winner of each receiving medals.  Wave 1 pools will be posted on Tuesday evening April 13.

Tournament Traditions:

The Jr Hi Neighbor has a long standing tradition of exchanging gifts at the net.  We do the gift exchange during each match of play in Wave 1 and 2.  The gift exchange does not continue into the play-off bracket.  We recommend each team bring approximately 70 gifts for the tournament.  The spaghetti supper and dance, other longtime Jr Hi Neighbor traditions, have been discontinued due to cost.


Check in For Teams:

Coaches Packet Pick-up:

Team packets will be available for pick-up from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm at the Doubletree Hotel on Hwy 25 in Biltmore. All packets that are not picked up will be taken to the playing site of the team, and will be available at the 7:30 coaches meeting.


Our 2011 Team Hotel Info

Our team hotel will be:
Fairfield Inn & Suites Asheville South/Biltmore Square
11 Rocky Ridge Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28806 USA

The hotel website is here.

Hotel Contact: Amy Moser Front Desk Manager Phone:
Group name:  See the email that Mrs. Revercomb sent.

This is what Mrs. Revercomb got for us!  YOU GO!
Complimentary wireless internet service, complimentary Southern hot breakfast includes, fresh brewed coffee, hot oatmeal, fresh fruit, sausage, eggs, biscuit and gravy, and waffles, indoor pool and free parking.

This is some info that Mrs. Eddleton discovered.
Got in touch with some Hi Neighbor folks who tell me that 16s will play at North Henderson High School/Apple Valley Middle School ( 35 Fruitland Rd., Hendersonville) and at Xcel Sportsplex (37 Maxwell Dr., Hendersonville) The longest drive would be from the Fairfield to NHHS (21 minutes)."

Some of the team is staying at the Hilton Asheville Biltmore
That hotel can be seen here.


Directions For The Weekend:

I will leave Roanoke on I-81, then, after crossing into Tennessee for about 20 miles, I will get on 26 West. 

Some people will go 77 South, then 40 West, but 40 is usually so crowded, while 26 is almost abandoned after you leave Johnson City.... and the drive over the mountains is pretty cool!

Directions To Our Team Hotel From Roanoke:

#1.  Merge onto I-81 S for 158.9 mi

#2. Merge onto I-26 E via EXIT 57A toward ASHEVILLE / JOHNSON CITY (Crossing into NORTH CAROLINA) for 55.7 miles.

#3. I-26 E becomes US-19 S / US-23 S. for 17.9 miles. 

#4. Merge onto US-19 S / US-23 S / US-74-ALT W toward W. ASHEVILLE for 0.7 miles. 

#5. Merge onto I-240 W toward I-26 E / I-40 for 3.2 miles.

#6. Merge onto I-26 E / US-74 E via the exit on the LEFT toward ASHEVILLE AIRPORT / HENDERSONVILLE / SPARTANBURG for 2 miles. 

#7. Take the NC-191 exit, EXIT 33, toward BLUE RIDGE PKWY for 0.2 miles. 

#8. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto ROCKY RIDGE RD. for 0.2 miles. 

#9. 11 ROCKY RIDGE RD is on the RIGHT.

The actual street address is:   11 Rocky Ridge Rd, Asheville, NC 28806-2224

Since youíve left Roanoke, Va, youíve traveled:   247.4 miles.  4 hours, 6 minutes.  

From Our Team Hotel to North Henderson High School / Apple Valley Middle School ( 35 Fruitland Rd., Hendersonville)

1) Leave 11 Rocky Ridge Rd, Asheville and go toward Wedgefield Drive (500 feet)

2)   Take ramp onto I-26 E toward US-74 E.  go 16.89 mi

3.)  Take exit #49A/BAT CAVE onto US-64 E/.  go 1.97 mi

4.) Turn on FRUITLAND RD   go 499 ft

5.)  Arrive at 35 FRUITLAND RD, HENDERSONVILLE, on the

19 miles, 22 minutes.


Driving directions to Apple Valley Middle School
(43 Fruitland Rd., Hendersonville)

It's adjacent to North Henderson High School!!!

Driving directions from the team hotel to Xcel Sportsplex, Hendersonville, NC
Xcel Sportsplexís website is here.  

1.)  Start at 11 ROCKY RIDGE RD, ASHEVILLE going toward WEDGEFIELD DR go 500 ft

2.) Take ramp onto I-26 E toward US-74 E   go 10.89 mi

3.)   Take exit #44/FLETCHER/MTN HOME    go 0.24 mi

4.) Turn on ASHEVILLE HWY(US-25 N)   go 0.21 mi

5.)  Turn on MAXWELL DR  go 430 ft

6.) Arrive at 37 Maxwell Dr, Hendersonville, NC on the

11.5 miles, 14 minutes.




Hit Counter

Here is the rest of the 16's Division
Here are the teams in the
Club Division

Round #1 Pool - E   Pool - F   Pool - G      
Saturday ct. #26   ct. #27   ct. #28      
morning Xcel Sportsplex   Xcel Sportsplex   Xcel Sportsplex      
ffsva 16 Rock Solid Tri Cities Extreme 16-1 Cobb Xtreme 16-1      
Tri Cities Exteme 16-2 Carolina Crush 16 SJOC 16-1      
SWVJ 16 Blue   KVC Kaos 16 Copper NETVC 16 Red      
SMJVC 16-1   BVA 16C   Roan United 16 Club    
Round #2 Pool - EE   Pool - FF   Pool - GG      
Saturday ct. #26   ct. #27   ct. #28      
afternoon Xcel Sportsplex   Xcel Sportsplex   Xcel Sportsplex      
& Sun. morn C4   D4   G1      
G2   F2   E2      
R1 results: F3   E3   G3      
E4   G4   F4      
divisions:       Club Gold Bracket        
  *** EE1          
      12pm ct. 26        
  FF2 Xcel Sportsplex          
  Xcel Sportsplex 11pm ct. 26             
        Xcel Sportsplex      
  GG1       1pm ct. 26 Club Gold Champion
(17th Place)
Xcel Sportsplex 11am ct. 27         
      12pm ct. 27        
    Xcel Sportsplex          
  *** FF1          
***    -shaded teams are the work teams for the match 1 hour prior to their match on the same court !  
   *** - Work teams for all other bracket matches are the loser of the prior match on that court.    
      Club Silver Bracket        
    Xcel Sportsplex          
  EE4   1pm ct. 27        
Xcel Sportsplex 11pm ct. 28             
                        UNCA (Aux Gym) Xcel Sportsplex      
  FF4       2pm ct. 27 Silver Champion
(23rd overall)
Xcel Sportsplex 12pm ct. 28         
  *** GG4            
    Xcel Sportsplex          
      1pm ct. 28        
    *** EE3