RVC North16's
Richmond Va, March 5,
Tournament Information Page

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.   Mahatma Ghandi
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Our Day
We defeated Hidden Rock 25-10, 25-22
We split with TCA 16-2:   21-25, 25-11
We defeated Clash:  25-11, 26-24 (after being down 12-18!)
We defeated Hampton Road 25-17, 25-21. 

Congratulations!  Our First Tournament Victory Of The Season!
Let's do it again!

We played "Whose Line Is It Anyway"
When We Were Half Way Through The Tournament

Touch a picture to see a bigger version.

Christina is the substitute teacher, and has to sit between her rowdy students to make them behave.

Maggie is shopping and just can't make up her mind. Sarah is the mom and Jordan is the sister who think that they've shopped long enough!

It's cheerleading tryouts!

Allyssa is the coach of a u12's team. Her two players just can't figure out one single thing she's explaining to them.

Sarah and Maggie are two students who KNOW that the teacher graded their paper incorrectly. They're begging for points, but the teacher (Jordan) isn't swayed.

Gussie is calling lines at a tournament, but is texting and talking on her phone. Her mom, Hanna, who is a spectator, is pretty upset with her!

Now, Christina (Gussie's coach) gets involved!

Morgan, Erin & Allyssa are all going out this weekend. Each one's date is Eric. Oh, oh. Are any of the boys the same one?

Hanna is a boy who's already moved into his dorm room. Gussie, a female, shows up to move in. "What are you doing here?" "Wuz up? We're going to be roommates!"

Then, Christina (a college administrator) shows up to tell the horrified Gussie that all dorm rooms are now this way, and she'll just going to have to get used to it.

Morgan's uniform is too tight. Jordan's is way too big. Coach Allyssa is disgusted with all their whining, and tells them to deal with it.

Morgan and Erin have never driven before, but are taking lessons from Allyssa, the driving instructor, who can't believe that they're so bad!

Maggie still hasn't stopped shopping. Her family leaves without her.


This Was The
Playing Schedule!


These Teams Were Accepted!

Team Code

Team Name

Club Name

These teams were placed on one net, and it was named the "16's Open" division





Clash 16 Impact

Clash Vball Club


TCA Virginia 16-Blue

TCA Virginia Vball Club


HRJ 16-1 Matrix

Hampton Roads Jrs


HRVC 16s

Hidden Rock Vball Club

These teams were placed on two other nets and it was named the "16's Club" division. 





Chesapeake Crush 16s

Chesapeake Vball Club


Coastal 16 Gold

Coastal Virginia VBC


FJVC 16 Black

Fredericksburg Jrs Vball Club


FJVC 16 Red

Fredericksburg Jrs Vball Club





VEER Girls 16-1




Going Down The Night Before?

I went down the night before,
and stayed at the same Hampton near Short Pump Mall.

10800 West Broad Street, Glen Allen, Virginia.
1-804-747-7777 or 1-800-HAMPTON.
The hotel website is here!



Driving Directions
To RVC North

The address is 2921 Byrdhill Rd.
Henrico, VA 23228

Here are directions starting at the Short Pump exit,
taken right off the RVC website here.

From I-64 to the Club

1. Take the "Staples Mill Rd/Dickens Rd. " exit.
2. At the end of the ramp, turn left onto Dickens Rd.
3. At stoplight, turn left onto Staples Mill Rd. and follow to Dumbarton Ave. (next stoplight).
4. Turn right onto Dumbarton Rd. and follow to Byrdhill Rd.
5. Turn right onto Byrdhill Rd. and follow to 2921.
6. The club is on the right after Ducts Unlimited.



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