Roanoke Catholic School
Roanoke, Virginia
Monday July 13 - Fri July 17, 2009
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STAR Award
   Rising Star Awards   Rookie Awards   2010 Camp

Back Row:  Emily Quesinberry, Nicole Frey, Sarah Vipperman, Mairin Guilfoyle, Katie Fortner, Paige McPeak, Coach Devyn Bayes

Middle Row:  Macie Hoback, Danielle Taylor, Erin Thompson, Lauren Thomas, Page Pest, Rachel Nester, Gussie Revercomb, Ava Perez

Front Row:  Madison Gensurowsky, Kayla Mabe, Eva Intravaia, Mary Weatherman, Allyson Francis, Briana Cabbler, Kayla Atkins

Also in the camp are Molly Lovell & Katie Hall

Coaches In The Back:
Coach Barry Kane, Coach Emily Quesinberry, Coach Sam Thomas, Coach Kaitlyn Collins, Coach Mairin Guilfoyle, Coach Tim McSherry.

Back Row:  Coach Jessie Kane, Coach Devyn Bayes, Ashleigh Deeds, Alexandra Arnold, Jordan Grinde, Rachel Whelan,
Ashley Deer, Kelsie Burchett, Allison Poggendorf, Catherine Cullum, Julia McDaniel, Lauren Wygal, Mikayla Marraccini, Fallon Delp, Cara Ghaphery, Gabrielle King, Abby Wolpert, Kate O'Connor, Mandi Hough, Coach Sam Washburn

Middle Row:  Coach Eva Intravaia, Coach Aidan Guilfoyle, Kristen Watson, Taylor Wyatt-Hill, Kendall Bayne, Hannah Emerson, Anne Clare Levy, Olivia Sass, Emily Fulton, Carleigh Studtmann, Barrett Kemp, Alyssa Bradley, Anna Sledd, Bella Wimmer, Holly Schlecht, Alana West, Annie Deer, Molly Kwitny, Coach Ava Perez,

Front Row:  Eilese Guilfoyle, Maria Barrera, Sarah Fraze, Alyssa King, Erin Lee, Dominique Wilson, 
Anna Berrera,
Bianca Herrera, Faith Weatherman, Sarabeth Bukowski, Kourtney Hall, Sydney Breiner.


Feedback from parents and coaches about the camp. 

Just wanted to let everyone know from Erin Lee and her parents that you guys did an AWESOME job at camp!! Erin had so much fun and truly did learn a great deal that we know will help her in her endevors. She really loves volleyball and we look forward to working with you guys in the future! Take care! And, again, thanks for helping make this camp so great!

"[My daughter] told me Monday that the JV coach was complimenting her on her serves and wanted to know if she has been working on them. Your camp got the credit."

"You promised a quality camp and you certainly delivered on that promise! Thank you for all that you and the assistant coaches did this past week.  My daughter has already said she wants to attend next year's VB camp."

"I appreciated the 'spirit' of the camp. From what I observed, the camp was positive, certainly instructive, encouraging, and fun. I especially appreciated the whimsical nature of your awards.  Very creative.  Thanks for all your efforts. I (and I'm sure many other moms) am grateful for quality people who touch my daughter's life."

"Let me pass on some of the good things that I heard my daughter said about the camp:
1. Coach Houser gives good water breaks. They're the best I've ever had in VB.
2. The coaches are teaching me things that none of my coaches over the past three years taught me.
3. I want to go to next year's camp.        4. The girls are friendly.
5. The coaches are encouraging.         6. I'm having a good time."

"She wouldn't have won the award if not for you.  Before we started lessons with you, she wasn't consistent. With your help she has become very consistent. All I can say is wow! "

"Something I liked a lot about the camp was you making them pair up with girls from other schools, forcing them to not just socialize with their friends.  And the warm ups you had them do were fun and made it feel more like playing instead of working.  Thank you so much. "

"My daughter has really enjoyed camp this week.  She has had a great week with LOTS of great instruction.  We appreciate all that you do"    

"You are a great coach and I can't believe some college hasn't snatched you up. You really should be coaching a college team."

"Tom:     Thanks again for another successful camp...all of the girls looked very good and kudos for whoever got the middle to run a slides!!!!(I also made a big deal about that to them!)    I saw so much progress and some potential positions for the fall. I also was able to catch a few areas that need attention!  It was nice to sit back and watch!  I also (as always ) learn a lot from you and your staff.   They are excellent!    I want to host this camp next year as well!"   Host Coach Maria Rushbrook

STAR Tournament Teams!

Coach Kaitlyn Collins' Team:   The LimaGreens

Coach Devyn Bayes' Team:  The Smurfs
Congrats on winning the tournament with a 4-2 record!

Coach Sam Thomas' Team:  The Pink Panthers


Rising STAR Tournament Teams!

Coach Sam Thomas' Team:  The Firecrackers!

Coach Kaitlyn Collins' Team:  The Hippies


Coach Emily Quesinberry's Team:  Team Urkel
CONGRATS for winning the tournament with a 3-0 record!


Coach Devyn Bayes' Team:  The Blueberry Pancakes!


2008 Camp   2009 Camp   2010 Camp  2011 Camp  

STAR Tournament was
Thursday 10am to 11:45!!

RISING STAR Tournament was
Thursday starting at 3pm! 

Parents, family, friends are welcome!

Captains Of The Day
Monday--Alexandra Arnold (rising 7th grader at RCS)
Tuesday--Catherine Cullum (rising 7th grader at RCS)
Wednesday--Julia McDaniel (rising 7th grader at RCS)
Thursday--Ashley Deer & Allison Poggendorf (rising 6th & 7th graders respectively at RCS)

Rising Stars:
Monday--Sarabeth Bukowski (rising 9th grader at RCS)
Tuesday--Ann Clare Levy (rising 8th grader at RCS)
Wednesday--Eilise Guilfoyle (rising 8th grader at RCS)
Thursday--Sarah Fraze (rising 9th grader at RCS)

Monday--Mary Weatherman (rising 12th grader at RCS)
Tuesday--  We had none, as our COD was absent.  :(
Wednesday--Eva Intravaia (rising 12th grader at RCS)
Thursday- Molly Lovell (rising 12th grader at RCS)


2009 Camp Format:

The STAR Division
8am to noon Monday through Thursday.
This division included varsity players. 
We also admitted some JV's. 

The Rising STAR Division
1pm to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday.
This division included some jv girls, almost all middle school girls, and definitely all rookies. 

This division was split between girls who had beginning skills and girls who had intermediate skills, and they worked separately.

The camp was split into 4 divisions.
Each camper was assigned to one, but if the assignment is inappropriate, she was moved to the division that matched her skills.

Rookies -- beginners, no experience
Rising Stars 1 -- low to average middle school
Rising Stars 2 -- high middle school to low JV
Stars -- high JV and up.


$150 for the "Stars"
$140 for the "Rising Stars"

Total Campers:

Maximum of 20 in the STAR division.
Maximum of 40 in the Rising STAR division.

Friday was "Fun Day"
This was a day of mini-tournaments,
competition, fun and a pizza party
hosted by RCS!!

Registration Info:

A camp registration form is here!
Parents could download it and make their down payment at any time.

If you have any questions about the camp, you may email the camp director, Coach Houser,
at or the camp host,
Frank Guilfoyle at



Rookie Camp Director:

Barry Kane
Coach Kane has immense experience in volleyball.  He has been a high varsity coach, a camp director and has even been a STAR camp host in 2007.   He was the head coach at Timberlake Christian School near Lynchburg, Va coach for 13 years.   His teams were conference champs twice and were ranked in the top 8 in the Virginia Division III final poll every year.  His overall coaching record is 208-85 (71% wins) His two daughters, Jessie and Holly, currently play on the varsity team for Timberlake Christian School (who made it to the State Division III Final Four).  Coach Kane is now a 7th grade teacher in Appomattox County, Virginia. He has been married for 22 years to Cheryl.   He is a perfect fit for the director of this division!


All Day Camp Assistants: 

Devyn Bayes
Devyn is a rising senior at Ferrum College, where she made the team as a walk-on her freshman year!!  She graduated from George Washington High School in Danville, VA in 2007, where she played volleyball for six years.    Devyn gives private lessons at North Cross School on many Saturday & Sunday nights.  For more info, please touch here.    Devyn has now assisted at eleven STAR volleyball camps.  Her email is:      Screen Name:  bowlingdevil9007      MySpace Page: 

Kaitlyn Collins
Kaitlyn is a rising junior at the University of Virginia’s, College at Wise where she plays volleyball for the Lady Cavs as a middle hitter!  During her freshman year, the Lady Cavs claimed the NAIA Region 12 Championship title, allowing them to advance to the NAIA National Tournament!!  Kaitlyn graduated from Lebanon High School in Lebanon, VA in 2007, where she played volleyball for five years. During her senior season, she was awarded the Player of the Week Award by the Lebanon News, was on the Castlewood Classic All-Tournament Team, and was awarded the team’s Blocker of the Year award! This will be Kaitlyn’s first year assisting with STAR volleyball camp, and she is very excited!  Her email is:  or  AIM Screen Name: KaitVb08

Sam Thomas
Sam just completed her first year of college at Shenandoah University where she played on the volleyball team and was a starting OH.  Sam is now transferring to Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington North Carolina, where she has already tried out and made the 2009 volleyball team.  She started playing volleyball in the 8th grade, played 3 years of Juniors (one on my 15 Red team here) and 5 years of school ball.   She is a 2008 graduate of North Cross School where she was a starter on team that made the final 4 in the state tournament in 2008.  She assisted me with my 2007 Roanoke Juniors 15's team and has now been an assistant at seven STAR camps!  Her email is: 

Emily Quesinberry
Emily is a rising junior at Christiansburg High School where she is an OH and MB.  Emily is presently a member of Coach Houser's Roanoke Juniors 16's National team.  Emily is in her 4th year of club ball, having played 1 year for NRV and 2 years for SWVA.  She is an honor student with a 3.8 GPA.  She played basketball throughout elementary and middle school and is a member of SADD, the Spirit Club and Young Republicans.  You can contact Emily at

Rising Star Camp Assistants: 

Aidan Guilfoyle
Aidan is a rising junior at Roanoke Catholic School.  She has been playing volleyball since the 5th grade.  She is a starting MB on the Roanoke Catholic team that just had it's best season in five years!   She played on my Roanoke Juniors 2008 team is presently on my 2009 16's National team!   She is wonderful working with younger girls!
Sam Washburn
Sam is a rising junior at Franklin County High School, where she has played setter and Libero.  Sam is presently a member of Coach Houser's Roanoke Juniors 16's National team.  Sam is in her 3rd year of club ball, having played for Roanoke Juniors since she was in the 8th grade.  She just named Camper of the Week earlier this summer at the Franklin County STAR Camp.  You can contact Sam at

Jessie Kane
Jessie began playing volleyball for school in 6th grade. She has been doing recreation volleyball since being in the 2nd grade. She played 2 years of travel volleyball for the Heart Of Virginia volleyball club. Currently she is a senior captain on the Timberlake Christian School volleyball team. She received the coaches award in volleyball as a JV player.

Tim McSherry
Tim has been playing organized league volleyball for 18 years.  He  serves on the board of directors for the Roanoke Valley Volleyball Association.   He was an assistant coach at Faith Christian School for 4 years and acted as head coach for 1 year.  He assisted at Roanoke Catholic School last year, and will possibly be coaching there again this coming fall.

MacKenzie & Macey Tyree
These young ladies will be helping on Thursday
as assistants in rookie division.



Roanoke Catholic School info:

Touch here to see the RCS website.

Roanoke Catholic School
621 N. Jefferson St.
Roanoke, VA 24016 · (540) 982-3532
Touch here for directions to the school.


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