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My great concern is not whether you have failed to meet your goals,
but whether you are content with that failure.      ~ Abraham Lincoln

Please contact me anytime at

NEW YORK  Danica Keller has a message for girls: Cute and smart is better than cute and dumb.

McKellar, who played Winnie on the 1990s TV show "The Wonder Years," is coming out with a book, "Math Doesn't Suck," to encourage girls to get into math.

Danica says, "When girls see the antics of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, they think that having fun being attractive also means being dumb and irresponsible," the 32-year-old McKellar.

"But I want to show them that being smart is cool," she said. "Being good at math is cool. And not only that, it can help them get what they want out of life."

McKellar should know. The actress once struggled with the subject around the seventh grade, but a teacher helped her through. McKellar eventually majored in math in college.

The book includes tips to avoid mistakes on homework, ways to overcome test-day anxiety and profiles of three beautiful mathematicians.


Prepare to receive a lot of bonus points.....No, you can't spend them, but they are a lot of fun!!!


CONGRATS for passing the SOL Test with ADVANCED PROFICIENCY!!  WOW!!!!
A1:  Sam Arney
A4:  Lindsey Hobbs
B1: Zach Brown, Zach Miller,
Chase Nelson

B2: Travis McDaniel
B4:  Justin Davis 

CONGRATS for passing the 2010 SOL!  You're a math BEAST!!!
Mary Arbogast, Sam Arney, Logan Smith, Barriesha Cheatwood, Troy Eakin, Taylor Farmer, Casey Groves, John Lyle, Matt Newman, Lauren Woollard.
A4:  Arista Crowder, Devona Dubhorn, Lindsey Hobbs, Sammy Jennings, Chase Lawhorn, Ray McDilda, Sam Nichols, Wesley Orfield, Daniel Rogers, Richard Turman, Trevion White.
B1:  Shadara Bonds, Quinten Broertjes, Aaron Brown, Zach Brown, Malik Claytor, Christian Craig, Dakota Ellis, Jarvis Goggins, Candice Justice, Zach Miller, Colton Noble, Kim Pickering, Gabe Wheeler, Caleb Witt, Sami Wooten.

B2:  Chris Brown, Kristen Cole, Montae Combs, Cianna Craghead, Tyller Crowder, Rachel Cuellar, Christian Dickinson, Sean Fariss, Taylor Farmer, Chelsey Harless, Mariah Harper, Sean Hogan, David Howell, Alex Jones, Keith Legans, Travis McDaniel, Cody Thomas, Kayla Wheeler
B4:   Ryan Bower, Kyler Creech, Justin Davis, Euniqua Foxx, Stefan LaBrie, Jody Mills, Jacob Moore, Johnathan Niday, Dustin Overstreet, Ben Proffitt, Austin Reed, Ryan Robertson,

The folowing students made an A or a B for the year!!!  YOU GO!!!
A1:  Mary Arbogast, Sam Arney, Logan Smith
A4:  Linsey Hobbs
B1: Zach Brown, Quinten Broertjes, Candice Justice, Sami Wooten,
Chase Nelson

B2: Kristin Cole, Cianna Craighead, Chelsey Harless, Mariah Harper, Kayla Wheeler
B4:  Justin Davis, Ryne Bower, Krista Johnson, Ben Proffitt, Ryan Robertson.

Classroom Rules

Before doing or saying anything in class, students will expected to do one thing:  Think of the other students in the classroom before thinking of themselves.  In other words, their team is more important than they are!

If students follow this rule, then there will be no issues and the will have a great school year in my class! 

But if there are students who think they are top priority, then they won't last in my classroom very long.   

A more specific list will be posted next week!


Ready to sing the Quadratic Formula?   You can see it on YouTube here .  Another one is here!


What Do You Want To Do
This School Year?

If you want try and retry until you learn how to do your math, work in groups so that you understand, be in a class where no one disrupts you or is obnoxious, then my class is for you!

if you want to be in charge of your grade, if you want to be a part of a team and not get in any trouble, if you want to pass the Algebra I SOL b/c you worked so hard that you beat it.......then I'd love for you to be in my class!! 

If you want those things and you have me for a teachers, then  you're going to have a lot of fun this coming school year!!!!!

But if you're looking for the easy way out, shortcuts, a passing grade by doing very little, if you want to sleep in class, if you like to put your own entertainment ahead of your classmates' grades, if hard work is something that you cannot tolerate, if you're expecting the teacher to pass you if you get close ........then my class isn't for you.  I recommend you get your schedule changed ASAP! 


October 18, 2008.
The progress report you send us is wonderful!  I don't know what you are doing...but please continue.  My daughter seems eager to do well in your class...this is something that we haven't seen from her in a while.

If you could ask your baby, "Do you want to be born to a mom who's 16 years old", what would it say?


Mr. Houser:
hank you for everything you have done for [my daughter] this year! You helped her understand and enjoy Math this year and have truly made a HUGE difference in her life. YOUR PATIENCE AND YOUR ABILITY TO CONNECT WITH THE STUDENTS ARE JUST A COUPLE OF THE REASONS SHE HAS DONE SO WELL IN MATH THIS YEAR.....THANK YOU!



Announcement #1: 
OK, here we go! 

B1 starts it off on Friday 6/4
Each of the next 3 days
 are 1:05 dismissal!

A1 & 3rd  take their exam on Mon 6/7.
B2 & B4 take theirs on Tuesday 6/8.
A2 & A4 takes the final two on Wed 6/9.

Announcement #2
SOL Scores
  We had a 80% pass rate....YEAH BABY!!

Announcement #3:  Yes, my students DO have the ability! 
I was told a few weeks ago that some of my students did not have the mental capability of knowing how to succeed in a high school math classroom.  I don't believe it.  I will not and cannot believe that my students don't have the ability to understand what success, winning, and achieving means.  That's not possible, and I won't teach my students that way!   

Announcement #4:
Mr. Houser's formula
for making life easier:

a) stay in school until you have some way of making a living
b) THEN get a job & save $
c) THEN get married
d) THEN have babies

When you do these things out of order, life is much harder!  And how do you think rich people got rich and stay rich?  They and their parents followed the formula above! 

Congratulations to the Boy's Soccer Team, who beat William Byrd on Tuesday Night, April 27. For the first time in Staunton River Boy's Soccer History!!! :) 
How Students Will Be Graded In '09 - '10!!

Homework: Homework will be assigned every day. I'm saying, students will have HW due every day. There will be very little time to do any work in class. When it is completed, I will mark it "on time," or "one day late," or "two days late," etc. However, students get 5 points EC for each school day HW is done early. HW will be gone over in class. I will work any problems that students have questions on. All the HW that a student does will be turned in on test day as a package. HW counts as 10% of a student's 9-weeks grade.

Quizzes: Students will have a quiz on all non-test days (except for 3rd period, which will have quiz every other day). Quizzes will cover the HW that we just went over in class. I will grade quizzes and return them to the students THE NEXT DAY, guaranteed! If a student is unhappy with a quiz grade, he may take it over as many times as he wishes.........and the final grade will be the average of the best two! There is a one week deadline to take quizzes over, so students can't procrastinate.

Tests: Students will have a test approximately every 2 weeks. Therefore, students will probably have four tests every 9-weeks. Tests are long and hard! They will take about an hour or more. But, if a student is unhappy with a test grade, the same rules apply as with a quiz........he/she may take it over and the final test grade will be the average of the two.


I receive the following email on Wed March 31, 2010. 

"I also love your class I feel like a family and I team player in there. And also helpin the other players get great grades in the class."

Touch here to read the notes from June of 2006
here to see June of 2009 and here to see June 2010

Touch here to see exam day in June 2010, here June of 2009,
here for pics of 2008, here for 2007, here to see 2006 pics.



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