Capitol Hill Classic, Feb 13-15, 2016
Information Page

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
Mahatma Ghandi

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Saturday Night at Hard Rock Cafe, Washington DC!!

General Info

The tournament website is here.
The Walter E. Washington Convention Center website is here.
Capitol Hill Facebook page is here.

The Physical Address: 
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Place NW
Washington, DC 20001
Main Number: 202-249-3000.   Event Hotline: 202-249-3400

Schedules and results for all teams & age groups are posted here!!


Probable Wave assignments

Saturday AM Wave: 18 Open, 18 Club, 17 Open, 17 Patriot, 16 Open, 16 Patriot, 15 Open, 13 Club
Saturday PM Wave: 17 Club, 16 Club, 15 Club, 15 Patriot, 14 Open, 14 Club, 13 Open, 12 Club

Start time for a team on Sunday and Monday will depend on how the team finishes the day before. DO NOT assume you play in the same wave on Sunday as you did on Saturday.

Saturday Night at Hard Rock Cafe, Washington DC!!

Some Playing Info!

Schedule: A full schedule will be available at by 12pm on Wednesday, February 10, 2016.

Basic Format: Wave play on Saturday followed by wave play on Sunday. Start time for a team on Sunday and Monday will depend on how the team finishes the day before. DO NOT assume you play in the same wave on Sunday as you did on Saturday.

Depending on the size of the field, a play-in match or cross-over match may be required on Saturday evening. Monday will be single elimination brackets. Each team will play in approximately 7 matches.

All teams should be prepared to play at 9:00am on Saturday until Wednesday noon before the tournament begins.

Start Times: The am wave will begin at 9:00 am each morning followed by a 3:00 pm start time for the afternoon wave. Monday’s bracket play will begin at 8:00 am. Most of Monday’s final matches will be scheduled for a 3:00pm start time. Please make the appropriate travel plans to be able to play through the entire day on Monday even if the matches run late.

Tie Breaking Procedure: No tie-breaking games will be played. All two-way ties in a pool will be broken by the head-to-head results. If more than two teams are tied, the tie will be decided by the following criteria, in order as necessary: set percentage, point percentage, coin toss.


Our Team Hotel!

Cambria Hotel & Suites
899 O Street NW Washington, DC 20001
The website is here. It's only 0.3 miles from our playing site.

Special features of our hotel can be seen here!


List of Teams That Were Accepted

Team name

Club name

ACAD 15 Red

Long Island Volleyball Academy

Academy 15 Diamond

North Carolina Volleyball Academy

American 15

American Volleyball Club

AVA 15-ASH (National) Rox


AVA 15-DIAMOND (National) Rox


AVVC 15 Red

Atlantic Valley Volleyball Club

BAVA 15 Blaze

Bay Area Volleyball Academy

BRYC 15 National

Braddock Road Volleyball Club

BVC 15 1

Brandywine Volleyball Club



Carolina Islanders 15 Elite

Carolina Islanders

CJVA 15 Black 


CJVA Summit 15 Black

CJVA Summit

Club Integrity 15

Club Integrity Volleyball

Columbia Storm 15-1

Columbia Volleyball Club

Digs 15 Red

Jersey Girls Volleyball Club

Downstate 15 Black

Downstate Juniors VBC

Dulles 15-1

Dulles Volleyball

DUVBC 15 Lime

Delaware United Volleyball Club

DUVBC 15 Navy

Delaware United Volleyball Club

ECJVC 15 Black

East Carolina Junior Volleyball Club

EC Power 15-1 True

East Coast Power Volleyball

EC Power 15-2 Electric

East Coast Power Volleyball

EC Power 15-3 Cool

East Coast Power Volleyball

EC Power 15-6 Dynamic

East Coast Power Volleyball

EC Power 15-A Mystic

East Coast Power Volleyball

EC Power 15-B Rhapsody

East Coast Power Volleyball



FJVC 15 Black

Fredericksburg Juniors Volleyball Club

Infinity 15 Blue

Infinity Volleyball Academy

Keystone Juniors 15 Premier

Keystone Juniors Volleyball Club

KVA 15Linda

Knoxville Volleyball Academy

LIVBC 15 Blue

Long Island Volleyball Club

MDJRS 15 Elite Black

Maryland Juniors

Metro VBC 15 Travel

Metro Volleyball Club

MVSA 15 Riot


NC Elite 15 Black

NC Elite Volleyball Club

Niagara Frontier 15 Navy

Niagara Frontier VBC

No Panic 15 Attack

No Panic Volleyball Club

No Panic 15 Whiplash

No Panic Volleyball Club

NOVA Hokuleas (15E)

NOVA - Northern Virginia Volleyball Club

NRV 15N Houser

NRV Juniors

NVP 15-1

NV Premier

NVVA 15 ICE Elite

Northern Virginia Volleyball Association

NVVA 15 Select 1

Northern Virginia Volleyball Association

NYC Juniors 15 National

NYC Juniors

P3R 15 Platinum

P3R Volleyball Club

Pgh Elite 15 Premier 2

Pgh Elite Volleyball

Piedmont VBC 15 Vedat

Piedmont VBC


Premier Volleyball of Delaware

PVC 15 1

Princeton Volleyball Club

Renaissance VBC 15-1

Renaissance National VBC

Revolution 15 1

Scarborough Titans

Revolution South 15 White


RVC 15 National

Richmond Volleyball Club

Set Point 15 Black

Set Point Volleyball Club

Sportime 15 Gold

Sportime VBC

Sportime 15 Red

Sportime VBC

Sports Academy Thunder

Sports Academy

TCA Philadelphia 15 Fire

TCA Philadelphia

Triangle 15 Blue

Triangle Volleyball Club

VA Elite 15s

Virginia Elite Volleyball Club

VA Jrs 15 1

VA Juniors Volleyball Club

Vienna Elite 15-1

Vienna Elite Volleyball Club


Parking For Those Who Aren't Going To Leave Your Car In The Hotel Parking Garage

Please check the Washington Convention Center information page for parking details.

We have partnered with Parking Panda, the nationwide leader in online parking reservations, to allow visitors to purchase guaranteed parking at many convenient locations near the Walter E. Washington Convention Center for the Capitol Hill Volleyball Classic. Once purchased, parking passes are emailed instantly and guarantee you access to your selected location. Parking is very limited and locations fill up, so we strongly recommend that you reserve your 100% guaranteed parking space now!! Parking Panda does not reserve handicapped parking spots.




Team Check-In

* Regular Team Check In: Friday, February 12 4:00 - 8:30pm Convention Center- East/West Salon
* Late Team Check In: Saturday, February 13 7:30-10:00am Convention Center- East/West Salon.

Player & Staff Wristbands: At Team Check In, the Team Representative will be issued wristbands for each player on the roster up to 15 and each staff member up to 3 (can be Coaches, Chaperones, Team Representatives, Managers, etc. or any combination of staff positions but no more than 3). These wristbands are included as part of the Team Registration fee – there is no extra charge for them.

The person checking in the team must pick up all wristbands for that roster.

Coaches must issue wristbands to the players before they can enter the area where the volleyball courts are. Players who do not have a wristband will not be allowed into the playing facility..


Here Are Maps Of The Courts

Hall A, B and C: Courts #1-73Map

Hall D and E: Courts #74-112

Ballrooms: Courts #113-120


Admission Ticket Info

All family, friends, and fans of all teams, players, and coaches must register as guests....i.e. pay a fee to see your child play.

Registered guests will receive either a One Day Registration for $15 per day or a Weekend Guest Registration wristband for $40 ($30 if registered online).

A one-day Registration is valid only for the day on which it is picked up.
Click here for complete CHC Guest Registration information.


Players Wristbands: A coach or team rep will be issued wristbands for each player on the roster. A player will have to make plans with her coach to receive their wristband if she will be entering the facility prior to the coach’s arrival. Players will not be issued a replacement band for lost or forgotten bands.


Coolers, Food And Chairs

NO COOLERS of any kind, of any size, or for any reason are permitted in the Washington Convention Center. Coolers left inside the building will be removed to the outside of the building. Coolers left outside the building are the sole responsibility of the owner, but may be confiscated if security deems them a hazard. Neither Capitol Hill Classic, Metro American VBC nor the facility will assume any responsibility for coolers or providing a place for them.

No outside food can be brought into the Convention Center building, not even into the lobby. This is a Convention Center rule that we must enforce as a condition of our contract; it is not our rule. We understand people don't like this and neither do we. But we are bound by the terms of the contract and cannot negotiate this away. We apologize for any inconvenience it causes.

In this post-9/11 world, major facilities reserve the right to restrict any items being brought into the building that they consider to be a problem; this includes personal seating and other large containers. We do provide seating for spectators at each court. Teams will be penalized if supporters hassle the security staff about these rules. Please abide by the rules and let the tournament be enjoyable for everyone.



The Side-Out Foundation is looking for teams at the Capitol Hill Classic to participate in the 2015 Assist Project. The project’s goal is to raise $300,000 dollars for cutting edge breast cancer research and distribute 30,000 creative hand made cards to cancer patients in hospitals and cancer centers nationwide. Yes, the 2nd day is still Dig Pink day so wear something pink!

Teams are already creating cards & raising funds, and to reach our goals we need your club too! The deadline to submit cards and funds is March 31 in order to receive FREE Assist Club shirts for your team.

If you are interested in joining this special project and spreading smiles to those in your community who need it the most, visit
We would love to have your support!

-Your friends at Side-Out





2014 Recruiting Symposium

Capitol Hill Classic is pleased to announce its first annual Volleyball Recruiting Symposium. College coaches from all over the country are coming to DC to scout talent. Learn from coaches, parents and athletes on Friday, February 14 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on what to expect during the recruitment process. We have thoughtfully invited a myriad of people to round-out the panel and best educate parents and student-athletes on recruitment for the sport of girls volleyball. 

Featured Panel: 

      • DI Coach | University of Florida | Mary Wise
      • DI Coach | American University | Barry Goldberg
      • DI Coach | University of North Carolina | Joe Segula 
      • DII Coach | Clarion University | Jennifer Mills
      • DIII Coach | Gettysburg College | Leah Bernier
      • Compliance Officer | George Washington University | Chandra Bierwirth
      • Academic Support | American University | Maureen Breslin
      • Student Athlete | American University | Allison Cappelino
      • Parent of Athlete | Virginia Tech | Ed Caine
      • Moderator | Berkeley Prep & Tampa Bay Juniors | Randy Dagostino

In other years there was a link to click.  Last time I tried it, it wasn't working.  I'll update this when the link becomes active.