Monument City Classic Jan 15 - 17, 2016
Information Page
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
Mahatma Ghandi

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Some Tournament Info!


The tournament is played at the Richmond Convention Center.
403 North 3rd Street, Richmond VA  23219

The tournament website is here.
When browsing the Monument websites, pay attention to the info on each page!
You may be on a page that's giving you 2012 info, then on page giving you 2011 info, etc. 


Parking info and directions can be seen here.   I recommend parking in #6.

There is metered parking all around the RCC, but in the past the meters aren't enforced on Saturdays or Sundays!  More info on parking and the Monument tournament here.

In past years, the tournament pairings and results will be available here

Our Division:
We are in 15's Open.....where the best
15's teams in the area will battle it out! 

Admission For 2016
This year admission wristbands for spectators will be available through online purchase or at the door.
* Beginning December 15 advance purchase wristbands will be available for $20 (plus processing fee) through here.
* Spectator admission at the door will be $25 for the event or $10 per day for either location. Parents and guests who make their reservations (minimum 2 night stay) through our Stay To Play requirement will receive a coupon for a slightly discounted admission of $10 (plus processing fee) for up to two wristbands through

Our Saturday Morning Schedule!

 Pools and real time results for all teams can be seen at Advanced Event Systems .
Scroll down and touch "Schedules," then choose "Virginia" from the drop down.









Arlington Elite 15 Blue






Vienna Elite 15






NRV 15N Houser






Academy 15 Crystal







1st Team

2nd Team


Work Team

Arlington Elite 15 Blue  ‡

NRV 15N Houser

Ct 41 at 1/16 8AM

Vienna Elite 15

Vienna Elite 15  †

Academy 15 Crystal

Ct 41 at 1/16 9AM

Arlington Elite 15 Blue

Arlington Elite 15 Blue  † ‡

Academy 15 Crystal

Ct 41 at 1/16 10AM

NRV 15N Houser

Vienna Elite 15  ‡

NRV 15N Houser †

Ct 41 at 1/16 11AM

Arlington Elite 15 Blue

NRV 15N Houser

Academy 15 Crystal ‡

Ct 41 at 1/16 12PM

Vienna Elite 15

Arlington Elite 15 Blue

Vienna Elite 15 †

Ct 41 at 1/16 1PM

Academy 15 Crystal

Sunday Matches


Next Match

Next Work Assignment

1 - 1st-P6

GRCC Ct 16 at 1/17 9:00 AM (R2G1P1M2)

Ct 16 at 1/17 8AM

2 - 2nd-P6

GRCC Ct 18 at 1/17 8:00 AM (R2G1P3M1)

Ct 18 at 1/17 10AM

3 - 3rd-P6

GRCC Ct 19 at 1/17 9:00 AM (R2G2P1M2)

Ct 19 at 1/17 8AM

4 - 4th-P6

GRCC Ct 41 at 1/17 8:00 AM (R2G2P3M1)

Ct 41 at 1/17 10AM

† - Indicates the team is the work team for the previous match on the same court.
‡ - Indicates the team is the work team for the following match on the same court.
λ - Indicates the team is the work team for the following match on the same court if they win this match.
φ - Indicates the team is the work team for the following match on the same court if they lose this match.
◊ - Indicates that the work team assignment is not definite (depends on win/loss of previous match).

Richmond Convention Center Rules

Typical Richmond Convention Center Rules.
No outside food is allowed in the RCC......
but some years they have allowed food inside.  Odd.

Coolers are not permitted in the RCC at all......
but they let us to do that some years also.  Really odd.

Normally:  Unattended coolers can not be left outside the RCC
 and we are normally told that folding chairs would not be allowed into the facility......but yet they are sometimes. 

Some Other Monument City rules that we must abide by:

  • NO COOLERS of any kind, of any size, or for any reason are permitted in the Greater Richmond Convention  Center. Coolers left inside the building will be removed to the outside of the building. Coolers left outside the building are the sole responsibility of the owner, but may be confiscated if security deems them a hazard.

  • Neither the Richmond Volleyball Club nor the facility will assume any responsibility for coolers or providing a place for them.

  • This is a Greater Richmond Convention Center rule that we must enforce as a condition of our contract. This is not our rule. We understand people do not like this, and neither do we. But we are bound by the terms of the contract and cannot negotiate this away. We apologize for any inconvenience it causes.

  • Any individuals who ignore or verbally abuse the security staff will be asked to immediately leave the premises. Please abide by the rules and let the tournament be enjoyable for everyone.


List of Teams That Have Been Accepted!

Team Code

Team Name

Club Name



Arlington Elite 15 Blue

Arlington Elite Vball Club



BAVA 15 Blaze

Bay Area Vball Academy



No Panic 15 Whiplash

No Panic Vball Club



No Panic 15 Attack

No Panic Vball Club



Cape Fear 15-Current

Cape Fear VBC



CJV 15 - 1

Carolina Juniors Vball



Coastal 15 Blue

Coastal Virginia VBC



Dulles 15-1

Dulles Vball




Evolution Vball Club



FJVC 15 Black

Fredericksburg Juniors Vball Club



IC Stars 15 Jason

I.C. Stars



MDJRS 15 Elite-Black

MD Juniors VBC



MVP 15-Gold




MVSA 15 Riot




Academy 15 Diamond

NC Vball Academy



Academy 15 Crystal

NC Vball Academy



NRV 15N Houser

NRV Juniors



NVVA 15 ICE Elite

Northern Virginia Vball Association (NVVA)



Piedmont VBC 15 Vedat

Piedmont Mizuno VBC



RVC 15 Nationals

Richmond Vball Club



SC Midlands 15 Nat Elite

SC Midlands Vball



Set Point 15 Black

Set Point Vball Club



VA Juniors 15 Elite

VA Juniors Vball Club



Vienna Elite 15

Vienna Elite Vball Club

Playing Schedule for 2016

All matches were best of three to 25 with any third games to 15. All divisions were guaranteed 7 matches.

The format for Monument was wave play:
* All matches will play a best of three to 25 with any third games to 15.
* All divisions will be guaranteed 7 matches.
* The 15 Open divisions will begin play at
8:00 am on Saturday in the convention center..


The 15 Open division will play one four team pool or game equivalent on Saturday and Sunday and conclude with a three team pool on Monday.

The last match will be scheduled no later than 4:00 pm on Monday. Each team should play eight matches or game equivalent.


Are you visiting here and your team isn't playing 15 Open?
The tournament website is at the top.


Our 2016 Team Hotel!

Marriott Richmond West
4240 Dominion Blvd Glen Allen, VA - 23060

The hotel website is here.

The Richmond Marriott West is convenient to area office parks, restaurants for any taste and world-class shopping at the Short Pump Town Center.

Amenities: Heated swimming pool, fitness center.


2016 Team Check-In
The team check in process will be in two different locations beginning on Friday from 4:00 pm until 7:00pm in Dick’s Sporting Goods- Sport Pump Town Center; 11800 West Broad Street; Henrico, VA 23233. There should be a greeter at the door to direct you to the registration table.

After 7:00pm, check in will be in hall B of the convention center and will conclude at 10:30pm. Entry into the convention center should be made through the doors on the corner of 3rd and Marshall Streets.

Please make every effort to check-in on Friday night. Things are very hectic Saturday morning with the staff preparing for play to begin. Check in on Saturday will be in the registration lobby from 7:00am until 11:00am

The team representative will need to bring the “Roster Form” printed from AES with them. The form states that you will have the team’s ‘Medical Release” form(s) in your possession during the event.

A club representative may check in their entire club. At that time you will receive wrist bands for the athletes and staff. Athletes and staff will be required to wear a wrist band to gain entrance into the Greater Richmond Convention Center.


Driving Directions For The Weekend:

Directions as if You're Coming To the Playing Site on Saturday Morning.

From west of Richmond I 64 East Bound to I-95 South to 64 East Bound:
Interstate 64 East to junction Interstate 95 South to I-64 East/Third Street Exit#75. Bear right for 3rd Street (Do not go straight on the junction, it will take you to I-64 East). Travel ahead to 3rd and Marshall Streets. The Greater Richmond Convention Center's Parking Deck will be on the left on 3rd Street.
Time from Roanoke:  2 hours, 46 minutes.


Directions to the Hotel Coming in on I-64.

This will be posted before the tournament!

2016 Recruiting

Athletes: You can use your free University Athlete profile to update your profile and contact information so college coaches can find you! Get real-time updates on Facebook (updates for athletes, parents, club staff)

To see which colleges are planning to attend, visit here



OK, so I got this question from a coach at another club:  "Why do so many other teams go to Myrtle Beach and you always take your team to Monument.  And you play in the open division?  Aren't you crazy?"

My answer:   "My team was promised competition vs. "big girls". The girls on my team have big hopes and big dreams. I want to help them with that.  My coaching staff believes that attending the Monument tournament will help them reach those goals better than any other tournament we can attend.   :)"

Coach answered:   "Makes perfect sense. Never been to Myrtle Beach. Just wondered the difference."

"Much different.  There are SO many teams from S.C. to Penn with high expectations attending Monument, and they play at the highest level they can possibly play at.  Playing in the open division at Monument will expose every weakness a team has!  :)   "