Timberlake Christian School
Lynchburg, Virginia
Tuesday July 6 - Friday July 9, 2010
Directed by Tom Houser

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Veteran Awards      Rookie/Middle Awards

Behind the back row:  Coach Tim McSherry, Coach Sandy Serio, Kate Ruehle, Coach Kimberly McDow, Coach Mairin Guilfoyle

Back row:  Rookie head coach Devyn Bayes, Coach Jessica Washburn, Casey Tomlin, Emily Drewry, Canaan Taylor, Tori Stanton,

Ciera Houser, Samantha Tomlin, Kristina Sherwin, Allison Maddox, Micah Pfau, Mary Babcock, Lauren Thomas,
Taylor Tanzar, Karlee Bryant, Anne-Claire Heckman, Holly Spangler, Coach Jordan Hawkins, Coach Kim Amerell

Middle Row:  Kenzie Bryant, Natalie Cook, Laura Williamson, Emily Clemenson, Lizzie Erhartic, Christina Dietz, Wyatt Jordan,

Addison Goodman, Lauren Bunnell, Sydney Gallion, Lauren Good, Taylor Nelson, Erica Tomlin, Ashley Terrell, Cassady Martin, Lane McCurley.

Front Row:  Ellen Wailes, Tiffiany Fulcher, Kayla Bryant, Michaela Urbani, Jewel Hoornick, Holley Kane, Cherakye Lopez, Katarina

Lauritano, Jessi Foss, Caitlyn Fariss, Sarah Murilla


On Wednesday, we played Steal The Bacon!

Congrats to the 2010 Steal The Bacon Champions!
Laura Williamson, Michaela Urbani, Kristina Sherwin, Lauren Good, Canaan Taylor


The Veteran Tournament Teams!!

The HighLighters!!

The Tie-Dyes!!

The Vipers.....ssssssssss!!


The Rookie/Middle Tournament Teams!!



First Day Of Camp FUN!!!!    Above and below!!!


Captains Of The Day

Veteran Portion
Tuesday - Jessi Foss - senior at TCS
Wednesday - Caitlin Farris - senior at TCS
Thursday - Holly Kane - junior at TCS
Friday - Cherakye Lopez - junior at TCS

Rookie Portion
Tuesday - Allison Maddox - 7th grader at TCS
Wednesday - Holly Spangler - 8th grader at Cave Spring Middle
Thursday - Canaan Taylor- 7th grader at New Covenant
Friday -Ciera Houser - 8th grader at TCS 


2010 Camp Format:

Tues - Thurs: 9 am to 4pm,
with lunch break 12:30 to 1:30 each day.
Friday:   9 am to 12:30pm.

We will probably have a tournament Friday for the veterans, and maybe one for the younger division also!   SWEEET

The 2010 camp registration form is here!

Cost:  $150

There will be two divisions.
The divisions will have a 25 camper limit. 
Both gyms are air conditioned!

Both divisions will have an approx 5:1 camper to coach ratio!!!!

If anyone has any questions about the camp, you can email the camp director, Coach Houser,
at coachhouser@yahoo.com or the camp host,
Barry Kane, at BPKANE@appomattox.k12.va.us



Pictures from the 2009 camps are on Facebook!

They are


Rookie Camp Director:

Devyn Bayes
Devyn just graduated from Ferrum College, where she made the volleyhball team as a walk-on her freshman year!!  She graduated from George Washington High School in Danville, VA in 2007, where she played volleyball for six years.     Devyn gives private volleyball lessons in Roanoke on many Saturday & Sunday nights that her schedule allows!  She is also involved in our volleyball VIP training for 8 - 12 year olds.  Devyn has now assisted with thirteen STAR volleyball camps, including being the rookie camp director at Chugiak High in Anchorage Alaska in July of 2009.  She will begin work on her master degree at Seton Hall this fall! You go Devyn!  Her email is:   dbayes@ferrum.edu   MySpace Page:  http://www.myspace.com/21189496 

List Of Camp Assistants: 

Jessica Washburn Bowles
Jessica is a Physical Education teacher at Callaway Elementary school, where she teaches children from Pre-K-5th grade. She graduated from Ferrum College in 2009, where she played volleyball all 4 years. At Ferrum Jessica earned Academic All-Conference in 2007 - 2009. Jessica graduated from Franklin County High School in 2005, where she played 2 years of JV, and 2 years of varsity.  She was a team captain her sophomore and senior years.   She also played 2 years of club volleyball.    While at FCHS, she was awared 1st team All-Conference in 2004.  Jessica was an assistant coach on my New River Valley team this past season and is the director of the VIP training in Roanoke for girls ages 8 - 12. You can contact Jessica at jwashburn@ferrum.edu

Kimberly McDow
Kimberly is a junior at Hidden Valley High School in Roanoke. She has played school ball for 5 years and club ball for 4 years.  She received all district honors her sophomore year and Hidden Valley was AA State runner up that year as well. Her junior year she received all district and all region honors. She was a member of Coach Houser's 2008 15's junior team that was ranked #1 in the Old Dominion Region, and his 2009 Region Champion team that qualified for Nationals spent a week in Miami in June of 2009.  She also plays softball for Hidden Valley.  You can contact her at wermcdow@cox.net

Kim Amerell
Kim is a senior at EC Glass High.  She was named Server of the Week at the High Expectations Camp in 2008 and Hitter Of The Week at the High Expectations Camp in 2009.   Kim was named 1st team Seminole District and first team All-Lynchburg this past season.  You can contact her at kimmy2591@aol.com

  Jordan Hawkins
Jordan is a rising senior at Jefferson Forest High near Lynchburg, Va.  Jordan was a member of Coach Houser's 2009 Region Champion Junior team that qualified for Nationals & spent a week in Miami in June of 2009.  Jordan was named 1st team All-District and 2nd team All-Region III as a soph,  1st team All-District and 2nd team All-Lynchburg her junior year, was named "rookie of the year" on her freshman team, Athlete-Of-The-Week in Bedford Bulletin during each year in school, and Athlete-Of-The-Month in the Forest Focus during her sophomore year.  You can contact Jordan at jehawkins08@aim.com

Sandy Serio and Chesley Fobare
Sandy and Chesley just graduated from high school.  Sandy graduated from Holy Cross.  Sandy played volleyball for 7 years.  Chesley from Northside, where she played volleyball for 6 years.  Sandy has attended two STAR camps, and was named the camp's Team Player at the High Expectations Camp in 2009.   Chesley has attended the Roanoke Catholic STAR camp in 2008.   Sandy will be helping for the first 2 days, Chesley for the final 2 days. 

Tim McSherry

Tim has been playing organized league volleyball for 18 years.  He  serves on the board of directors for the Roanoke Valley Volleyball Association.  www.RVVA.net   He was an assistant coach at Faith Christian School for 4 years and acted as head coach for 1 year.  He assisted at Roanoke Catholic School last year, and will possibly be coaching there again this coming fall.

Mairin Guilfoyle

Mairin is a rising sophomore at Roanoke Catholic School while  She has played 2 years of varsity volleyball, 2 years of JV, and 3 years of club ball.  Mairin just participated with the Roanoke Juniors 17's at AAU Nationals in Orlando.  She is also helping with the p.m. session of the Roanoke Catholic camp.  You can contact Mairin at mairinara813@cox.net 


From the west.....as if you're coming from Roanoke:

Take 460 East Take the 460 Business exit ( also Timberlake Road). Go to the 3rd stoplight and take a left onto Waterlick Road. Go about 1 mile and take a right onto Locksley Place. Go about mile and the road will T. Take a right and the school is about 200 yards on the right. To get to Timberlake Christian School coming from Danville:

From the south.....as if you're coming from Rustburg, Altavista, etc.:

Come into Lynchburg on 29 North. As you approach Lynchburg take 460 West toward Roanoke. In about 1 mile exit right onto Greenview Drive. Go right at the end of the exit and go to the 3rd stoplight. Take a left on Timberlake Road.  Go to the 6th stoplight and take a right onto Waterlick Road. Go about 1 mile and take a right onto Locksley Place. Go mile and the road will T. Take a right and the school is about 200 yards on the right.

Private Lessons At North Cross School

If anyone is interested in some one-on-one training. Coach Houser offers player training nearly every Sat & Sun night at North Cross School in Roanoke. 

Lessons are occurring 12 months a year, but Coach Houser won't personally be offering any lesson b/c of his Junior Volleyball team is! 

Girls come from West Virginia, Pulaski, Martinsville, Hillsville, Lynchburg, etc.

Devyn Bayes, Kendall Patterson, Sam Thomas and others are offering lessons NOW!    The website is here.  It's a TON of fun!!  If you or your teammates have any questions, you can email Coach Houser anytime at coachhouser@yahoo.com

The 2009 Camp!!!

Back Row:
  Coach Randi Wood, Coach Audrey Easter, Coach Sam Thomas, Coach Devyn Bayes, Sam Maddox, Claire Renninger,
Sam Singy, Alex Singy, Victoria Vorah, Mikayla Marraccini, Arizona Hay, Cassidy Martin, Allison Maddox, Kristina Sherwin, Holly Spangler,
Olivia Trent, Katelyn Laub, Coach Emily Quesinberry, Coach Aidan Guilfoyle, Coach Kaitlyn Collins, Coach Liz Blackman.

Middle Row:   Wyatt Jordan, Maddy Brooks, Carsen Baldree, Katie Blackman, Kenzie Bryant, Sarah Smith,
Daphne Allen, Brittany Tyree, Jessica Phelps, Ciarra Hudson, Christina Deitz, Lauren Bunnell, Addison Goodman, Tabitha Robinson.

Front Row:  Cailynn Duby , Lauren Good, Sarah Marilla, Jewel Hoornik, Holly Kane, Cherakye Lopez, Jessie Kane,
Danielle Alley, Kaylee Bryant, Tyler Duerson, Katie Nylund, Natalie Cook , Laura Williamson, Hannah Sloman


2007 Veteran Awards2007 Rookie Awards
2009 Veteran Awards
n2009 Rookie/Middle Awards

Timberlake Christian School info:
Touch here to see the school website.
Touch here to see a map to the school.   Just scroll down and type in your address.

Timberlake Christian Schools
202 Horizon Drive
Forest, VA 24551

Phone: 434-237-5943      Fax: 434-239-3319


February 18, 2009
I mentioned to the TCS A.D. that we needed you back!  [My daughter] still talks about the 2007 camp.  Because of the camp, she decided she wants to be a setter.  She has a pretty set too. 
J   I may also want to look into having some personal training for her this summer if you do that.

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