Dan River High School
Monday June 21 - Thursday June 24, 2010
Ringgold, Va           Directed by Tom Houser

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Back Row:  Coach Jordan Hawkins, Erika Dodson, Carley Ford, Cutler  Blankenship, Maggie Chavez, Taylor Nelson, Blair Bolton, Coach Sam Thomas
Coach Devyn Bayes, Kellie O'Boyle, Kaitlyn Liggon, Erin Gusler, Rachel Boyd, Natalie Petrovich, Jordan Hedrick, Crissy Palmer, Hannah Shields, Coach Jessica Washburn
Courtney Hill, Hannah Meadors, Mary Beth Stump, Katie Holly

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Dan River Campers......Having Fun!

July 20, 2010
Thank you so much for allowing me to come to this camp! i learned so much and improved. i hope we can have another camp next summer that i can come to. Again thank you so much for helping me to become a better volleyball player.

2010 Camp Format:
Mon - Wed 9am to 4pm
Thursday 9am to noon.

All camp participants will receive a free T-shirt!


Maximum Number:  20

Registration Info:
The registration form is here

$50 deposit will be due with registration.  Balance due by June 1.

There will be limited number of spaces available, plus, players from other schools will be allowed to attend, so, campers are urged to not procrastinate! 


If you have any questions about the camp, contact Bobby Shields at 434 792 7533 or email him at blshields@hotmail.com , or
you may email the camp director, Coach Houser, at coachhouser@yahoo.com


List Of Camp Assistants: 

Devyn Bayes
Devyn just graduated from Ferrum College, where she made the volleyhball team as a walk-on her freshman year!!  She graduated from George Washington High School in Danville, VA in 2007, where she played volleyball for six years.     Devyn gives private volleyball lessons in Roanoke on many Saturday & Sunday nights that her schedule allows!  She is also involved in our volleyball VIP training for 8 - 12 year olds.  Devyn has now assisted with thirteen STAR volleyball camps, including being the rookie camp director at Chugiak High in Anchorage Alaska in July of 2009.  She will begin work on her master degree at Seton Hall this fall! You go Devyn!  Her email is:   dbayes@ferrum.edu   MySpace Page:  http://www.myspace.com/21189496 

Sam Thomas
Sam is the JV coach at Topsail High School and is a sophomore in college at Cape Fear Community College where she played on the volleyball team.  She started playing volleyball in the 8th grade, played 3 years of Juniors (one on my 15 Red team here) and 5 years of school ball.   She is a 2008 graduate of North Cross School where she was a starter on team that made the final 4 in the state tournament that year.  She assisted me with my 2007 Roanoke Juniors 15's team and has now been an assistant at eleven STAR camps!   Sam is an assistant coach for the Cape Fear Volleyball Club 14's team.  Her email is: samadamsthomas@gmail.com

Jessica Washburn Bowles
Jessica is a Physical Education teacher at Callaway Elementary school, where she teaches children from Pre-K-5th grade. She graduated from Ferrum College in 2009, where she played volleyball all 4 years. At Ferrum Jessica earned Academic All-Conference in 2007 - 2009. Jessica graduated from Franklin County High School in 2005, where she played 2 years of JV, and 2 years of varsity.  She was a team captain her sophomore and senior years.   She also played 2 years of club volleyball.    While at FCHS, she was awared 1st team All-Conference in 2004.  Jessica was an assistant coach on my New River Valley team this past season and is the director of the VIP training in Roanoke for girls ages 8 - 12. You can contact Jessica at jwashburn@ferrum.edu

  Jordan Hawkins
Jordan is a rising senior at Jefferson Forest High near Lynchburg, Va and has been named "Camp Impressor".  Jordan was a member of Coach Houser's 2009 Region Champion Junior team that qualified for Nationals & spent a week in Miami in June of 2009.  Jordan was named 1st team All-District and 2nd team All-Region III as a soph,  1st team All-District and 2nd team All-Lynchburg her junior year, was named "rookie of the year" on her freshman team, Athlete-Of-The-Week in Bedford Bulletin during each year in school, and Athlete-Of-The-Month in the Forest Focus during her sophomore year.  You can contact Jordan at jehawkins08@aim.com


July 2, 2010
thank you sooo much for having this camp! i enjoyed it sooo much and i learned a lot!
My teammate and i were just talking about it today and how fun it was and how much we miss yall!
i cant wait to attend the camp next week to learn more!


 During Day 1 of camp!  Awesome group of girls!!!

Steal The Bacon Winners:  Crissy, Katie & Erika!!  The only undefeated team!


Dan River High School
100 Wildcat Drive
Ringgold, Virginia 24586

The camp is being held at DR Middle School.  The website is here.
Click here to see a map to the middle school.
5875 Kentuck Road
Ringgold, VA 24586
434-822-6027        434-822-6548 (fax)

Touch here to see the high school website!
Touch here to see a map to the high school.


According to NCAA rules, players from the class of 2010 ARE eligible to participate in a summer high school camp.  This will not get them in any trouble and it will not jeopardize their college volleyball eligibility. 

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