Patrick County High School
Stuart, Va

Monday July 25 - Thursday July 28, 2011

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Back Row: Coach Josie Meek, Coach Keesha Meek, Coach Sam Ringer, Coach Ashley Winter, Coach Kendra Meek

Middle Row: Ashley Lyon, Julia Hutchens, Logan Martin, Samantha Smith, T'Keyah Hines, Kendra Hall, Hannah Hobbs, Karleigh Wilkinson, Hannah Helbert, Michelle Martin, Jordan Joyce, Katherine Seay, Olivia Ingram, Natalie Black

Front Row:  Samantha Seay, Ashlee Turner, Vera Finney, Allison Gammons, Anna Shough, Beth Williams, Kayley King, Braeton Leftwich, Carlyn Nowlin, Erin Hughes, Kaleigh Griffith, Brianna Hairston, Bridgetter Helms, Hannah Huls


"Coach Keesha! You made such an impact on me and I am taking the things you taught me and applying them to improve this season. Thank you so much for coming! I will definitely take you up on that offer and talk to you about any questions I have."


Captains Of The Day:

Veteran Camp:
Monday:  Ginna Williams
Tuesday:  Hannah Smith

Rookie Camp:

Monday: Braeton Leftwich
Tuesday:  Michaela Wester


2011 Camp Format:

9am to 4pm Monday - Thursday with an hour lunch break each day!  There was a tournament from 2pm to 3:45pm on the final day

All camp participants received a free T-shirt!


Number of Divisions:
One division of veterans.
One division of rookies.

Maximum Number Of Campers: 
Twenty in the veteran division.
Twenty-five in the rookie division.

Registration Info:
the camp host, Patrick County Head Coach Heidi Moore at ,

If you have any questions about the camp,
you may email, Tom Houser, the director of STAR Volleyball Camps at


Camp Director:

Beth Huus
Head Coach, Sweet Briar College
Coach Beth Huus just completed her fifth season at the helm of Sweet Briar Volleyball.  Prior to taking over the program, she coached at Heidelberg College and Earlham College.   As a collegiate player at Gettysburg College, coach Huus received first-team All-Centennial Conference honors and twice reached the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III tournament.   You can reach Coach Huus at or at her office at 434.381.6441.  The SBC volleyball website can be seen here.

Rookie Camp Director:

Ashley Winters
Ashley is a 2011 graduate of Sweet Briar College where she played for 4 years with Coach Huus.  You can see her on her senior night here.   She is #9.   More info on Ashley coming up.

List Of Camp Assistants: 

 Keesha Meek
Keesha played volleyball at D1 Radford University.  She is presently a head high school coach, directs some of her own camps, and it's awesome to have her helping with this camp!  You can contact Keesha at  Hope to post more soon!

 Josie Meek
A long time player and coach, Josie is the mom of the volleyball Meek family!  Two of her daughters are on this staff.  Josie was the head coach of the NRV Club Developmental League this past season.  She was also the head coach of the Southwest Va Home School team in the fall of 2010.  You can contact at

 Kendra Meek
Kendra is a 2011 home school graduate.  As an 8th grader, she played on my 2007 club team here.  You can see her signing her college volleyball scholarship here.  She will be playing next year at North Greenville!  You can contact Kendra at

 Sam Ringer
Sam is a 2010 graduate of Hidden Valley High School where she played on the right side!  As a 9th grader, she was a setter on my 2007 club team here.  Sam just finished her first year in Pennsylvania playing on the Juniata College team!   You can contact Sam at 


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School Info:

Patrick County High School           215 Cougar Lane
Stuart, VA 24171
Phone: 276-694-7137 - Fax: 276-694-6997

The school website is here.              The volleyball website is here.
And directions to the school are here.

According to NCAA rules, players from the class of 2011 ARE eligible to participate in a summer high school camp.  This will not get them in any trouble and it will not jeopardize their college volleyball eligibility. 

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