Patrick County High School
Monday July 20 - Thursday July 23, 2015

Stuart, Va                Directed by Tom Houser

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The Major League awards!
   The Minor League awards!

Patrick County STAR 2015!
Back Row: Coach Allison Sparks, Coach Sarah Sparks, Keely Belcher, Elleigh Large, Caroline Vernon, Julianna Overby, Kari Wilson, Madison Wright, Maggie Clifton, Reanna Carico, Faith Stowe, Sara Caine, Isa Kevorkian, Grace Whitesell, Grace Wenk, Gracen Edwards, Jenny Turner, Mallorie Gardner, Ann Elise Moody, Coach Hannah Shields.

Middle Row: Coach Jessica Flanagan, Savannah Roberts, Kaylee Stanley, Jenna King, Sydney Kirk, Hannah Beasley, Shelby Bryant, Kaitlyn Shough, Kenadie Hutchens, Jessica Beam, Lexy Carico, Josie Pendleton, Taylor Vernon, Ashlee Mesot, Izzy Beasley, Coach Sam Edge.

Front Row: Sydney Biggs, Melissa Pendleton, AK Scruggs, Sydney Clark, Kristin Harris, Brandi Woods, Mikayla Hill, Kaylee Griffith, Melanie Roberson, Abby Hutchens, Hannah Hylton, Morgan Biggs.


2015 Camp Format:

9am to 4pm Monday thru Wednesday with lunch 12 to 1pm. 
9am to 1pm on Thursday. 


Number of Divisions:
There are now two divisions: Major & Minor! 

Maximum Number Of Campers: 
20 in the Major League
30 in the Minor Leauge

Registration Info:

The camp registration form is here!! 
Deposit and registration form due by March 15.

For more info, please contact the camp host, Patrick County Head Coach Heidi Moore at

If you have any questions about the camp,
you may email Coach Moore or Tom Houser, the director of STAR Volleyball Camps at

Camp Director: 
Tom Houser

Coach Houser is the owner of STAR Volleyball Camps. He is the author of the "I Can't Wait" to coach books, and Drill Collection. He is presently coaching the NRV 15 National team in Roanoke, Virginia. You can see more about Coach Houser here

List Of Camp Assistants:

Jessica Flanagan
Jessica is the former head coach at Ferrum College. In her two years there (2013 and 2014), she won more matches than the previous six! She has coached one year of club vball. Jessica attended Ferrum and played vball for 4 years and sball for 2 years. She earned four straight All-Conference volleyball honors from the USA South Athletic Conference from 2006-09, and received the 2010 Ferrum College President's Cup. The award is presented annually to the graduating student-athlete who best exhibits excellence in academics, campus and community leadership, and character. You can contact her at

Sarah Sparks Hammond
Sarah is a 2014 graduate of Averett University where she was a starting MB all 4 years.  She had an all-conference freshman and senior seasons as a starting middle hitter. She has worked 14 previous STAR camps. Sarah played for Rockingham County HS. She also played club volleyball for three years under Danny Miller for the Caswell (North Carolina) Volleyball Club.  Sarah is now a math teacher at Central Academy Middle School in Fincastle, Va. Sarah can be contacted at

Allison Sparks
Allison is also a 2014
graduate of Averett University. .....yes she and Sarah are twin sisters. Allison had a great career at AU where she was named Conference Player Of The Year as a senior. She also was named a D3 All-American. She played for Rockingham County HS. She also played for three years under Coach Miller for Caswell Volleyball Club. Allison is now an elementary teacher in Halifax County.  You can contact her at

Hannah Shields
Hannah just finished her 1st year as an OH at Averett University. As a freshman, she was named 1st team All-Confernece and finished the season with 642 kills, the 3rd highest total in all of NCAA D3. She was also named USA South Rookie Of The Year!
 Hannah is a 2014 graduate of Dan River High School, near Danville, Va. She played 6 years of school vball and 5 years of club vball. She played on Coach Houser's team in 2012 that attended Jr Nationals in Columbus Ohio! She was named 1st team all state her senior year at Dan River. You can see a nice article about her here. You can contact Hannah at

Samantha Edge
Sam is a freshman at UVA-Wise and is on the volleyball team! Sam graduated from Roanoke Catholic School where she was a part of their 3-peat state championship! She played club vball for 5 years in Roanoke, Va. You can reach Sam at

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School Info:

Patrick County High School           215 Cougar Lane
Stuart, VA 24171
Phone: 276-694-7137 - Fax: 276-694-6997

The school website is here.              The volleyball website is here.
And directions to the school are here.

According to NCAA rules, graduates ARE eligible to participate in a summer high school camp.  This will not get them in any trouble and it will not jeopardize their college volleyball eligibility.  Speak to Coach Moore if you have questions!. 

2014 Patrick County High Volleyball Camp

Back Row: Coach Carrie Heldrith, Coach Macey Tyree, Marlee Hunt, Kaleigh Griffith, Kristin Harris, Hanna Hylton, Anna Shough, Shelby Bryant, Sydney Biggs, Abby Hutchens, Morgan Biggs, Madison Wright, Sara Caine, Coach Blair Trail, Coach Maggie Wagner !

Middle Row: Faith Stowe, Mikayla Hill, Melissa Pendleton, Izzy Beasley, Brooke Holt, Josie Pendleton, Allison Gammons, Madison Stowe, Cara Helbert, Samantha Holt, Hannah Beasley, Maggie Clifton, Coach Bre Lockhart

Front Row: Jenny Turner, Savannah Roberts, Taylor Vernon, Ashlee Mesot, Jenna King, Melanie Roberson, Sydney Clark, AK Scruggs, Allison Lyon, Sydney Kirk, Madison Martin, Haley Rorrer

The 2014 Minor League awards can be seen here,
and the Major League award winners are here!



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