Gretna High School
Monday August 3 - Thursday August 6, 2015
Gretna, Va                Directed by Tom Houser

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Gretna High STAR Camp 2015!
Back Row: Coach Jessica Flanagan, Madison Walker, Joley Arthur, Adrianna Eanes, Makaila Randall, Madyson Brown, Coach Hannah Shields, Coach Katey Holley.

Middle Row: Page Towler, Ellery Moorefield, Emerson Scollo, Morgan Layne, Krista Waller, Kelsey Smith, Katie Thomas, Macey Holley , Taliah Chatten (aka Firecracker).

Front Row: Anjell Davis , Misty Vasser, Erin Mayhew, Destiny Barbour (aka O.J.), Harper Scollo, Monica Robertson, Angie Varnadore, Alexis Smith.



2015 Camp Info:

Captains Of The Day:
Monday: Destiny Barbour
Tuesday: Erin Mayhew
Wednesday: Misty Vasser
Thursday: Krista Waller

Monday - Wednesday:  9am to 4pm with a one hour lunch break.
Thursday will be 9am to 1pm.
There will be a tournament for the last few hours of Thursday.

The JV's will be at the middle school.
The varsity girls will be at the high school!

Gretna athletes:  $155
All others:  $170

Registration Info:
The registration is here!
On May 1, Coach Colbert will start accepting girls from other schools....if there's room!

Maximum Campers:
25 in the rookie division.
20 in the veteran division.


This camp will again offer the girls
high quality instruction and will give
more personal attention to the participants.


If you have any questions about the camp, you may email the camp director, Coach Houser at, or the camp host, Gretna High Coach Danielle Colbert at

2015 Camp Staff:

Director:  Tom Houser
Coach Houser is the owner of STAR Volleyball Camps. He is the author of the "I Can't Wait" to coach books, and Drill Collection. He is presently coaching a 15's National club team in Roanoke, Virginia. You can see more about Coach Houser here.

JV Director:

Jessica Flanagan
Jessica is the former head coach at Ferrum College. In her two years there (2013 and 2014), she won more matches than the previous six! She has coached one year of club vball. Jessica attened Ferrum and played vball for 4 years and sball for 2 years. She earned four straight All-Conference volleyball honors from the USA South Athletic Conference from 2006-09, and received the 2010 Ferrum College President's Cup. The award is presented annually to the graduating student-athlete who best exhibits excellence in academics, campus and community leadership, and character. You can contact her at

Camp Assistants

Katey Holley
Katey is a junior at Averett University in Danville, Va, where she's played 3 years on the volleyball team. Much of the time she has been the starting libero. She is a 2012 graduate of Westover Christian. She played school ball for 6 years, club ball for 3 years. During her senior year at WCA, the team won their first ever VACA state championship and she was named tournament MVP. That same year, she was named Metro Danville Player Of The Year. The article is here. She has assisted with fourteen STAR camps, has directed divisions at six, and has also coached 4 years of youth volleyball in Danville. You can contact Katey at

Hannah Shields
Hannah just finished her 1st year as an OH at Averett University. As a freshman, she was named 1st team All-Confernece and finished the season with 642 kills, the 3rd highest total in all of NCAA D3. She was also named USA South Rookie Of The Year! Hannah is a 2014 graduate of Dan River High School, near Danville, Va. She played 6 years of school vball and 5 years of club vball. She played on Coach Houser's team in 2012 that attended Jr Nationals in Columbus Ohio! She was named 1st team all state her senior year at Dan River. You can see a nice article about her here. You can contact Hannah at!


The "Steal the Bacon" Tournament!!



2nd Place!

Gretna High

Touch here to see the GHS website.

Gretna High School
100 Gretna Hawks Cir,
Gretna, VA 24557
(434) 656-2246

According to NCAA rules, graduates ARE eligible to participate in a summer high school camps.  This will not get them in any trouble and it will not jeopardize their college volleyball eligibility. 

Coach Houser's "Team Colorful" won the tournament 2-1

Team Katey's "BlackOut" team was great, winning the final set 25-17!

Here is one of the JV teams!

And here is the other team!


Private Lessons In Roanoke
If anyone is interested in some one-on-one training.
Coach Houser and his staff offer
player training nearly every Sat & Sun night in Roanoke. 
Girls come from West Virginia, Pulaski, Martinsville, Hillsville, Lynchburg, etc.   The website is here.   It's a TON of fun!! 
If you or your friends have any questions, you can email Coach Houser anytime at

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