Alleghany High School
Monday June 15 - Thursday June 18, 2015
Low Moor, Va        Directed by Tom Houser

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The Alleghany High School STAR Camp 2015.
Back row:  Coach Allison Sparks, Coach Sam Edge, Coach Sarah Hammond, Carlee Lanford, Anna Hayes, Coach Jessica Flanagan, Coach Maribeth Kern, Coach Tom Houser.
Kneeling: Savannah Gwinn, Kenzie Craft, Emily Meadows, Megan Pace, Kate Beirne, Hannah Baldwin, Morgan Graham, Emerson Scollo, Laurel Whyte, Abygail Leandro.
Sitting: Marah Hinebaugh, Cortney Via, Hannah Kincaid, La'Tisha Chambers, Rachel Groves, Harper Scollo, McKenna Mitchell, Cassie Osborne.

The Black Thunder
Back Row: Hannah Baldwin, Marah Hinebaugh, Morgan Graham, Olivia Simpson, Kate Beirne, Coach Jessica Flanagan.
Front Row: Senior La'Tisha Chambers, Coach Maribeth Kern, and senior Rachel Groves

The A-Team
Back Row: Coach Sam Edge, Emerson Scollo, Laurel Whyte, Cortney Via, Cassie Osborne, McKenna Mitchell, Coach Tom Houser
Front Row: The Seniors! Harper Scollo, Hannah Kincaid

The Minor Leauge Division
Back Row: Kenzie Craft, Savannah Gwinn, Coach Allison Sparks, Coach Sarah Hammon, Abygail Leandro
Front Row: Carlee Lanford, Anna Hayes, Emily Meadows


June 18
"Thank you again for such an amazing experience!
This week was fantastic and I'm looking forward to you guys coming back!"
Head coach Tara UzzeIl

June 18
They loved you, and all of your coaches. They had a wonderful time!"
From a camper's parent.

June 19
"I would like to say thank you for a running an excellent volleyball camp. My daughter learned so much and enjoyed her time as well. Volleyball is her passion. You and your staff gave her confidence and praise that will help her keep fire lit.
I found her notes from camp this morning and I had to smile. These same things are what I tell her, but these words make more of an impact if someone else says it other than her mom!!"

June 19
"My daughter had fun and is trying to put all the instructions together. :-) She was excited to meet the former Ferrum volleyball coach. It was great to see her on your staff. We love Maribeth, of course! I am glad her team won the tournament too! You did a great job coaching and helping the players see what to correct. "

2015 Camp Format:

Mon - Wed : 9 am to 4pm, with 60 minutes for lunch.
Thursday:   9 am to 1pm.


Registration Info:

The camp registration form is here!

Maximum Campers

The camp will probably be limited to the first 20 girls who signed up in each division.

End-Of-Camp Tournament
The campers will probably have a tournament on Thursday from 10:30am to 12:40pm!!  Please come and watch!


If you have any questions about the camp, you may email the camp director, Coach Houser,
at or you may email the camp host, Coach Tara Uzzell


Pictures from the 2009 - 2014 camps are on Facebook!
   Check 'em out here!














The 2015 Camp Staff

Director:  Tom Houser
Coach Houser is the owner of STAR Volleyball Camps. He is the author of the "I Can't Wait" to coach books, and Drill Collection. He is presently coaching a 15's National club team in Roanoke, Virginia. You can see more about Coach Houser here.

The Assistant Coaches

Jessica Flanagan
Jessica is the former head coach at Ferrum College. In her two years there (2013 and 2014), she won more matches than the previous six! She has coached one year of club vball. Jessica attened Ferrum and played vball for 4 years and sball for 2 years. She earned four straight All-Conference volleyball honors from the USA South Athletic Conference from 2006-09, and received the 2010 Ferrum College President's Cup. The award is presented annually to the graduating student-athlete who best exhibits excellence in academics, campus and community leadership, and character. You can contact her at

Sarah Sparks Hammond
Sarah is a 2014 graduate of Averett University where she was a starting MB all 4 years.  She had an all-conference freshman and senior seasons as a starting middle hitter. She has worked 14 previous STAR camps. Sarah played for Rockingham County HS. She also played club volleyball for three years under Danny Miller for the Caswell (North Carolina) Volleyball Club. Sarah is now a math teacher at Central Academy Middle School in Fincastle, Va. Sarah can be contacted at

Allison Sparks
Allison is also a 2014 graduate of Averett University......yes she and Sarah are twin sisters. Allison had a great career at AU where she was named Conference Player Of The Year as a senior. She also was named a D3 All-American. She played for Rockingham County HS. She also played for three years under Coach Miller for Caswell Volleyball Club. Allison is now an elementary teacher in Halifax County. You can contact her at

Maribeth Kern
Maribeth just finished her junior season at Liberty University. Maribeth played her first two years as a star at King College in Bristol Tenn. Her Liberty bio can be seen here, and her King bio can be seen here. She is a 2012 graduate of James River High in Botetourt County, Va, where she has had a great volleyball career, making 1st team all-district 3 consecutive years. Her junior year was unforgettable: District player of the year, 1st team all-state, and her team won the single-A state championship. She also played 5 years of club ball. You can contact Maribeth at

Samantha Edge
Sam is a freshman at UVA-Wise and is on the volleyball team. Sam graduated from Roanoke Catholic School in 2013 where was a part of their 3-peat state championship! During her senior year, she was 1st All-Conference and 2nd team All-State! She played club vball for 5 years in Roanoke, Va. Sam is majoring in Math with a minor in Economics. She hopes to be a sports statistician in the future! You can reach Sam at



Alleghany High School info:
Touch here to see the AHS website.

Alleghany High School
210 Mountaineer Drive
Covington, Virginia 24426


Touch here to see directions to the school. 

The school's athletic website is here.

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