Coach Houser has coached 4 teams that have qualified for Junior Nationals!  In 2006 he was the head coach of  Roanoke 15 NTouch here for pics of their trip!  Then in 2009, it happened again!  Those pics are here! In 2012, his NRV 15's team qualified. Pics of that trip are here. Then in 2016, his NRV 15's team qualified.

STAR Volleyball Camps
For 2018!

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"A phenomenal coach who devotes so much time to teach youngsters about such an awesome sport. He always has a caring and knowledgeable staff alongside of him. His camp experience was better than any other!

Michelle Kembel
Head Coach, 2017 Roanoke United 14-2

"Thank you for the coaching wisdoms today! I will defiantly be using them in my personal life as well. You are such an amazing coach. You have helped me so much."

Raleigh Brookshier
2017 assistant coach, NRV 13's


College Expectationswas a turning point for my daughter. I think she has realized she has been given a talent and has decided to make the most of it. I am glad to see her embracing the game once again!"

Michael Estes, father of 2016 College Expectations camper!

"How could you not like Coach Houser's camps? Coach & his crew are AWESOME and simply bring out the best in all the girls!! We are already looking forward to next year!"

Phil Essner, father of 2014 and 2015 Santa Rosa CA camper!


"We have been bonding and y'all taught us a whole lot while y'all were here. Thank you so much for everything and if I ever need anything I know to turn to you!"

Brittany Vasser, senior on the 2014 Gretna High volleyball team!

Your talks were awesome. The subjects were great for both volleyball and life in general. This is exactly what my program is about and I truly appreciated the validation that took place from you. For most every girl that attended, the camp of 2013 will be an amazing memory!"

Sharon Lochert, host of the 2013 Hillcrest Middle School Camp near Santa Rosa CA


"Great job today. I think the kids worked really hard.  My girls love you."

Jim Barber, head coach of Westover Christian, in Danville, Va, host of 12 STAR camps.


“Your camps were my favorite to come to when I was in high school!  I liked the USAV camp in Wisconsin because I got to see family, but volleyball-wise, you top them all!”
Kim Amerell, named conference freshman of the year at Pfeiffer University after her 2010 season.


Thank you both for always hosting such wonderful camps for the girls.  Daphne looks forward to these every year!

Tamara Allen, mother of Daphne, 4-time STAR camper.


Thank you again for having the camps for the girls !  It really shows how much you are in this sport-such's great to see!

Donna Drewry, mother of Emily, c/o '15 Lynchburg Christian Academy


“A good product at a good price is easy to sell.”
Jim Barber, head coach of Westover Christian, in Danville, Va and host of STAR camps in 06, 07, 08, and 11, and in six previous years!


"What I liked about your camp....... so many things....the positive energy was just electric and contagious.  My girls are so pumped and excited for the season and it has revved me up a notch. Your feedback is delivered in a sincere manner, whether praise or correction, it is delivered and received with respect.

This was a week of holistic volleyball, how to be a better player through skill, team work, sweat and dedication. They are looking forward to next year's camp!"
Maria Rushbrooke, head coach of Roanoke Catholic, host of a 2008, 2009 2010 and a 2011 STAR camp.


"Coach Houser:
I know you're probably still in the van on your way home, but I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I was with your camp. Your staff was heartfelt, knowledgeable and willing to work with all of my athletes. You did a tremendous job and I appreciated all your hard work. I'm soooooooo excited for my upcoming season. I know that your camp will have a positive influence on our season. Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer!!"

Fawn McMakin, head coach of St Marys Area High School, St Marys, PA, and host of a 2008 STAR camp.


"[My daughter] still talks about you: "Coach Houser would never stand for that"... "Coach Houser would yank her out in a minute for not giving 110%"..."if she tried to act like that on Coach Houser's team, he would cut her out like a cancer!"... You once mentioned a poor attitude by players on a team being like a cancer... you heal it or cut it out!  She has not forgotten that. You have set the bar high and it makes it difficult to accept less or to comprehend coaches who accept less! You do make a lasting impression on the girls who pass through your camps."

Suzie Helbert, former head coach, Stanleytown Baptist Academy and host of a 2005 STAR camp!


I just finished the first day of tryouts for TCS - they looked good - many KUDOS to you and your staff - I don't have to spend the first week doing platform and spike approach! I look forward to a great season.

Barry Kane
Head Vball Coach, Timberlake Christian, STAR host coach in 2007, 2009
2010 2011 and 2012, Forest, Va


"I know your camp helped one of my players with some self-concept issues because she did not get much playing time last year, but this year she knows she needs to step it up for the team. I think the "captain of the day" was a good boost for the players."

Barry Kane
Head Vball Coach, Timberlake Christian, STAR host coach in 2007, 2009 2010 2011 and 2012, Forest, Va

Bottom line…Coach Houser STAR VB CAMP… 15 eager to learn volleyball players…14 hours of expert volleyball instruction….potential for a winning season …. PRICELESS!!!! 

And thank you for the great website!!

Penni Douglas, host of a 2007 camp and a 2014 camp in SC.


I thought everything was great. I could not have asked for anything different. The comments were nothing but positive about you and your staff. The greatest compliment is that people learned that volleyball is a TEAM game, not an individual sport.

Fawn McMakin, head coach of St Marys Area High School, St Marys, PA, and host of a 2008 STAR camp.

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Information For
Camp Hosts

When you schedule a STAR camp for 2018, YOU are in control!
You make the critical decisions that are in the best interests of your team.
You decide the number of days;
You decide the number of hours;
You decide the format:  rookie, veteran, standard or high expectations or even college expectations

Then, my coaches & I will do the rest!!
We will come to your school.  This should increase attendance!
The assistant coaches will have extensive vball experience,
and will be outstanding role models.  The parents will love that!
I can create the handouts, take care of the warmups and stretching,
and plan the activities each day.

But many believe that the best thing about our STAR camps is:  
The cost is up to 70% less than the university residential camps your players will be considering,
and up to 50% less than the site camps that you may be considering!

The Camp Will Be Made For Your Players!  

You & I will create the camp format each day
to ensure your athleres receive the instruction
that will help improve their performance on YOUR team!!

So, no we do not have a daily camp outline online.

Player To Coach Ratio!  Let's Talk!  

The typical player to coach ratio is 5:1. 

I saw a website recently proclaiming excitement that their ratio is 10:1. 
And some site directors can't wait to tell you about their 9:1.

But there has never been a STAR camp where the ratio was that high. 

At the 2014 Analy High Camp camp in Sebastopol Ca, there were 8 coaches for 47 campers.
At the 2016 College Expectations at Sweet Briar College in Virginia, there were 6 coaches for 32 campers. 

Your players will be engaged, learning, listening and improving.


A STAR camp can become a nice fundraiser for your team! 
Let me tell you how!

The Staff!

The STAR staff is a mixture of experienced head coaches,
and young & excited female college players.
I guarantee that STAR coaches are role models who you can trust
to be around your players, and are outstanding citizens who can
confidently tell your players right from wrong.

Every STAR coach is excited to teach your players the game.

Yes, I am just as picky about who influences your players as you are.

National Coaching Experience!  

In just the past 10 years, we have traveled with our teams and done site camps at:
Columbus, OH        Anchorage, AK        Baltimore, MD       St Mary's PA    
San Francisco       Oklahoma City        Miami        Atlanta
Richmond, VA     Clemson, SC      Annapolis, MD
Bear, DE    Washington D.C.   Asheville, NC

My teams qualified for
the 2006 Jr Nationals in Atlanta, the 2009 Jr Nationals in Miami,
the 2012 Jr Nationals in Columbus OH, and the 2016 Jr Nationals in Minneapolis. 
I was also at the 2005 J.O. Nationals in Salt Lake City with my daughter's team.

The formats for your STAR camp are limitless!


We can do a Mon-Fri or Mon-Thurs camp.
Or we can do 2 days, 3 days, a weekend, Thurs through Sun, etc.
We can work with rookies in the morning, veterans in the afternoon.
Or we can have two sessions per day for vets , with a rookie session in between.
Maybe you want to reserve one week for your rookies
and another week for your veterans!

My coaches and I will even do an in-season clinic.
We did three in 2015 and four in 2016.

What Are A Host's Options For Camps?
How Does a Coach Reserve a Week?

Most coaches prefer the standard STAR all-skills camp. 
For info about reserving a week for a Standard STAR camp, touch here.
But some coaches want to offer a High Expectations Camp! 
Info on hosting a High Expectations Camp can be seen here.

And again in 2017, we are offering a butt-kicking, intense College Expectations Camp.   If you're also interested in hosting one of those, the info is here!

Together We Can Do Anything For Your Team!


A STAR camp can last 3 hours a day or 8 hours a day, we can minimize your team's cliques, maximize the team bonding, we can teach new offenses & defenses, quicken your attack, etc. 

We can do whatever you think will make your team better!!

So Why Is The Popularity of

STAR Camps Exploding?

The 1:5 coach/camper ratio!      You choose the format!  
The low price!     The camp in made to fit your players' needs!
We can help you fundraise!

And there's even more: 
* We also provide a free website for your camp;
* You get a free copy of my Drill Collection and 2 huge ebooks, and;
* We give you and your players free support for the next 12 months!

No volleyball camp in the USA offers you all this.
Please glance at what parents and coaches have said in the margins.
Together let's bring this to your players!
The parents, players and administrators will love it!

We can do anything!
Contact me at
and let's see what we can do for your team!!
I'm also on Facebook here.


Get ready for DECEMBER 1, 2018!

On December 1, I start awarding camps for summer 2019 camps to any coach who didn't host a STAR camp in the summer of 2018.

The 2018 hosts have until Dec 1 to tell me if they wanted our staff to return for 2019 and to send me a deposit.  If the '17 hosts wish, they can change their week, as long as it was not a week that another 2018 host wants to keep.

New hosts for 2019:  Get your $250 deposit to me asap and specify the week(s) that you want to reserve and which coach you would prefer to host your camp.  For new hosts, it's first-deposit received, first-awarded.


I am no longer able to tolerate a gym without AC. So if your gym isn't AC'd, then one of my outstanding assistants would love to direct your camp!


July 4, 2016.
"College Expectations his was an amazing experience for Cathryn. All of the coaches were great and I can't say enough good things about the three young ladies who were assistants. She will definitely be back next year. Great camp Coach Houser..
Michael Estes, father of Catherine, Tunstall High c/o '20

August 4, 2015.
Love the fact the athletes are not only learning the game of volleyball, but life lessons.
A mother of a Gretna High camper!

August 13, 2017.
Thanks for always having a top of the line educational and inspiring camp staff. My daughter loved it.
Allison Lemon, mother of Avery, a camper at the 2017 McMichael camp!

April 7, 2015.
[My daughter} did the rookie WCA camp 2 years ago and then a college camp the next year. We both feel as if she learned much more at your camp and look forward to attending one this year.
A parent of two volleyball athletes.

February 6, 2014.
Happy Birthday, Coach! I hope it's a good one. Thank you for all the good advice about volleyball and life Kennedy did the rookie WCA camp 2 years ago and Danny Millers camp next year. We both feel as if she learned much more at your camp and look forward to attending one this year. as well. You and all the girls that helped with camp and of course my coaches too, has made me into a great player and person. I wouldn't be where I am without you guys! See you this summer!! :)
A camper at the 2012 and 2013 John Battle Camps in Bristol, Va

July 14, 2012.
Thank you for this past week at camp. I always love coming to any of your camps because I always leave a better player and know so much more about the game and what I want for my future and how to approach it. You probably hear this all the time, but you are a very wise coach and absolutely one of the best I personally have ever met. Thank you again! :)
A camper at the 2012 Westover Christian Camp.

July 14, 2009.
I wanted to thank you again for the experience that my daughter gained at the High Expectations Camp this year. We have sent her to numerous camps, both in and out of state and some camps we paid twice as much as this camp. What she gained from the High Expectations Camp was so obvious each time she came home. She would talk about each skill that she worked on that day and when I quizzed her about how this camp compared to others I would learn that they never worked with the participants at the others as they did at your camp. She was excited about explaining the skills and techniques that she learned form the various coaches and instructors as well as the friendships experienced. She was the only participant from the Roanoke area and enjoyed the camaraderie that she found at this camp. The coach/instructor ratio is also what impressed me with almost a 4 participants to 1 coach. This by far has been the best camp we have sent her to and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to increase the skill of their daughter.
Ron Ratcliffe, father of Lauren, c/o '11 at Lord Botetourt High.

Aug 16, 2012.
We checked out your website and are seriously considering having our daughter attend one of your summer camps, even though we live in Michigan.

Elizabeth Calvert, mother of c/o '16.


December 25, 2006.  
I would like to thank you for doing the camp at our school over the summer. Our volleyball season went good, 3rd place in the district.  I had the best season EVER!! I seriously think it was all because I went to your camp.  I've got some FANTASTIC news! I'm going to play college ball next year, I signed my letter with the Lady Cavs earlier this month.   THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Kaitlyn Collins, former player at UVa-Wise,
who then became a member of our STAR Staff!


July 12, 2011
“Thank you both for always hosting such wonderful camps for the girls. Daphne looks forward to these every year!”
 Tamara Allen, mother of Daphne Allen,
the 2011
Maximum Expectations Camper Of The Week!





Each STAR Camp host receives a complimentary copy of Coach Houser's Two "I Can't Wait" Ebooks And Drill Collection



September 14, 2017
"We are very excited to bring a camp back to MV. I think its been a couple years since we've had one and it shows."
Jessica France, head coach, Magna Vista High, Martinsvilles Va.


August 23, 2011
Boy, you are good! 
I love what you teach and I agree with your approach and philosophies.


January 31, 2008
[My daughter] will be going to your high expectation camp this summer. I don't know what you do, but you do a great job of teaching these girls and they come away with a great deal of respect for you and knowledge for playing the game. She was glad that she could go back to one of your camps. I also had a mass email sent out to all of her Varsity and Jr. teammates for your other camp dates.



Let's do a camp or an in-season clinic for your kids soon!

Just email me at and we'll get the planning started. 

You can also find me on Facebook.

My daughter had a great time and enjoyed the plane ride with you guys both as well. This is her first experience with volleyball and it was very positive. Thanks for making it a memorable experience for her.


hey, i miss volleyball soooo much. your coaches made it so fun and so interesting that I didn't want to leave!! I hope i can come back next year and improve my volleyball skills.  The great thing about the camp was that I could hang out with some of my buddies.


Bella had a great time and is more proud of her flyswatter than any other thing in her room. She came away with the self-confidence boost she needed.

Missy Cadori, mother of two St Marys 2009 campers.


Coach Houser:
It's really hot in that gym, but it only makes you wanna work harder. I'm thinking of you guys when it gets tough!

Thank you, for everything you've ever done for
me and the team.

St Mary's 2008 and 2009 Camper!


"Your philosophies, plans & genuine love for the game & the girls, most of whom you don't even know, are inspiring. They are the things that separate you, and I'm sure your camps, apart from the rest. I know I have probably written similar things to you before, but keep up the great work!"

Frank Guilfoyle, host of the Roanoke Catholic camp in 2008, 2009 2010 2011 and 2012.

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