Chatham High School

Monday June 13 - Thurs June 16, 2022
Chatham, Va           
   Directed by Elizabeth Giles

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The Camp Award Winners!

Chatham High STAR Volleyball Camp 2022!

Back Row: Coach Nicole Morris, Coach Makayla Dalton, Coach Madison Hare, Coach Harper Reaves, Bri Smith, Sage Abercrombie, Kennedy Younger, Olivia Younger, Coach Cara Butler, Coach Hannah Hylton, Coach Cameron Blankenship
Middle Row: Anna Plaster, Lee Oakes, Kenzlee Cassell, Maddie Wiebking, Natalie Foster, Aubrey Alderson, Alyssa King, Brooklyn Rigney, Madelyn Kendall, Coach Elizabeth Giles
Front Row: Braelyn Heath, Savannah Amos, Michaela Willis, CarterBeth Cassell, Madison Satterfield, Taylor White, Corban Holley, Savannah Morris



2022 Camp Format:
Monday - Wednesday, 9am to 4pm with a one hour lunch break.
Thursday 9am to 1pm & no lunch break.

There will probably be two divisions:
Minor League and Major League.

The location of the divisions is tba.

Coach Dalton and the camp staff will assign athletes to their divisions, and the athletes may
be moved around so ensure that they are in the appropriate division.

Maximum Number:
Approximately 20 in the Major League.
Approximately 25 in the Minor League.
So don't wait! Registers before the camp fills up.

$230 for CHS Middle and High!
$245 for girls from other schools!

Girls from other school will start be accepted by around March 1. The exact date will be posted here as soon as it's decided.

Registration Form:

The 2022 camp registration form is here!


If you have any questions about the camp, you may email the Coach Houser,
at or the camp host, Makayla Dalton at


Pictures from the 2009 - 2021 camps are on Facebook!
They are


What The Camp Entails:
We will start the camp in separate divisions working on the girls' skills to ensure all the athletes can serve, pass, hit and dig properly. Throughout the camp, setters will get a lot of time working with coaches who specialize in setting. On the 2nd day, competitions will begin which emphasize the skills of the game. On the 3rd day, teams will be created in each division to get ready for the Thursday tournament. For the final few hours on Thursday, athletes and parents wil love watching the tournament!!


Camp Supervisor:
Tom Houser
 Owner of STAR Volleyball Camps

Coach Houser is the owner of STAR Volleyball Camps. He is the author of the "I Can't Wait" to coach books, and Drill Collection. He has coached 18 varsity teams, 10 JV teams, 26 club teams and directed 87 camps in 9 states in the past 7 years. You can see more about Coach Houser here

Camp Coaches:

Harper Scollo Reaves
is a graduate of Averett where she played on the volleyball team for 4 years and was captain as a senior. Her major is Art Education and she graduated in December 2020. She is a 2016 graduate of Chatham High School where she played 5 years of school volleyball and 5 years of club volleyball. As a senior, she was first team all-conference libero and one of the team's captains. Later that year, she drove to Roanoke to play on NRV's top 18's team! You can contact Harper at!

Elizabeth Giles
Elizabeth is a '22 graduate of Sewanee Univeristy in Tennessee where she played on the volleyball team all 4 years. She is a 2018 graduate of North Cross School in Roanoke, Va. During both her junior and senior seasons, she was named 1st team all-conference, 1st team all-tournament and her team advanced to the state final 4. As a senior, she was mnamed 1st team all-state. She played 6 yeas of school vball and 5 years of club volleyball. Elizabeth directs STAR Camps during the summer and gives private lessons as often as possi le. You can reach Elizabeth at

Cameron Blankenship

Cameron is a junior at Guilford College where she is on the volleyball team. Cameron is a 2019 graduate of Bassett High where she played 6 years of school volleyball. She also played 8 seasons of of club vball. She was a member of Coach Houser's 15 National team in 2016. She was 1st all-district all 4 years in high school, and was named District Player Of The Year as a senior. Cameron has worked 15 STAR camps the past three summers and has given a multitude of private lessons in Martinsville & Danville! You can contact Cameron at!!

Cara Butler
Cara will be a senior this fall at Glenvar High in Roanoke and was a member of the team's 2A state championship in the fall of 2021. She has played 5 seasons of school volleyball and 6 seasons of club. Her mom and dad are both coaches! She was 2nd team All-State libero her sophomore season & 2nd team All-Region setter here junior season! WOW! She knows the game inside & out. You can reach Cara at!

Hannah Hylton
Hannahwill also be a senior this fall at Glenvar High in Roanoke and was the starting libero on the team's 2A state championship in the fall of 2021. She has played 5 seasons of school volleyball and 6 seasons of club. She loves hitting, from both the front row and back row and is a receiving and digging maniac! Hannah was named 1st team all-distict and 2nd team all-region in the spring of 2021 and was named first team ALL STATE in the fall of 2021! You can reach Hannah at!

Madison Hare
Madison will be a junior on the Roanoke Home School team this fall! She has played 5 years of school ball, 4 years of club ball, and is in the gym working on her skills constantly! She attending High and College Expectations last summer and will attending College Expectations next week! She also plays basketball and soccer! You can reach Madison at !!





Chatham High School info:

Touch here to see the Chatham website.

Chatham High School
100 Cavalier Circle
Chatham, Virginia 24531
Phone (434) 432-8305




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