Jefferson Forest High School
Volleyball Camp 2006
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       The Varsity Awards!
                       JV-B Award Winners

Ashleigh Foor was named Camper Of The Week!!  GREAT JOB!!!   Hope that Amherst has a great season! Brittany Calahan was named Hustler Of The Week.  She was a senior with the qualities of a leader!  GOOD LUCK this fall at HC!
Katie came from Rustburg High, and was given the "Better Take Notes When Watching Her" award! Kaitlin Sanderson was named the Blocker Of The Week........2 years & 2 awards!  See last year's awards here.
Katelyn Duncan was given the Server Of The Week Award.  You're awesome!! Another repeat award winner.......this year Kelsey was given the Spirit and Enthusiasm Award!
Meg Kenny was named Hitter Of The Week, so we gave her something to help clean up the messes at matches this fall! Lisa Paxton was named Passer Of The Week! 
Great JOB!!!  She had to play on the same team with her sister........and they did GREAT!!
Shaina was given the"SuperHero Award.  We all want people like her on our team! Whitney Bonheim was awarded the Setter Of The Week Award...........great job!!  Don't forget to "pull the string"!!
Tori Blanks was named the Digger Of The Week for the 2nd straight year.......she had a great camp!  CONGRATS!!
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